Rocket League Codes (August 2023)

Rocket League Promotional Art

Rocket League is a high-octane, car-based soccer game developed by Psyonix, blending racing and sports elements to create a unique, addictive gameplay experience. Players can use codes to unlock various in-game rewards and cosmetic items that enhance their gaming experience.

By redeeming codes, players can obtain exclusive items such as antennas, toppers, decals, wheels, and more to customize their cars. These rewards enhance the vehicles’ appearance and add a personal touch, making every player’s car unique on the field.

All Rocket League Codes List

Updated July 2, 2023

Checked codes.

Rocket League Codes (Working)

There are currently no working codes for Rocket League.

Rocket League Codes (Expired)

Here are all expired codes for Rocket League.

  • SARPBC—Redeem code for a SARPBC logo, song, car, and Moai Antenna
  • rlnitro—Redeem code for a Nitro Circuit Antenna and Breakout Nitro Circus Decal.
  • couchpotato—Redeem code for a-Couch Potato Limited Player Title
  • rocketleaguelive—Redeem code for Hustle Brows Topper, Neon Runner Banner, Aero Mage: Hatch Wheels, and an RLCS Them Anthem
  • Truffleshuffle—Redeem code for an Octane: The Goonies Limited Decal
  • WWE18—Redeem code for 2 WWE banners, antennas, and wheels
  • Bekind—Redeem code for a VCR Limited Topper
  • rlbirthday—Redeem code for 2 WWE banners, antennas, and wheels
  • wrestlemania—Redeem code for 2 WWE banners, antennas, and wheels
  • wwedads—Redeem code for 2 WWE banners, antennas, and wheels
  • shazam—Redeem code for an Octane: Shazam Limited Decal and Shazam Limited Wheels

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Rocket League FAQ

Here is everything to know about Rocket League.

What Are Rocket League Codes?

Rocket League codes are letter and number combinations provided by the game developers to grant players access to special in-game rewards. These codes can be used to redeem various items, such as customizations for your car or limited-time event content.

How To Redeem Rocket League Codes

Follow the steps below to redeem codes for Rocket League:

Rocket League Code Redemption
Image by N4G Unlocked
  • Open the Settings menu.
  • From the main menu, click on Extras.
  • Select Redeem Code.
  • Enter the code and click Submit.

Why Do Rocket League Codes Say “Invalid Code”?

A code might display Invalid Code for several reasons, such as being expired, already redeemed, or mistyped. Ensure that you have entered the code correctly and that it is still valid before attempting to redeem it again.

Are There Any Requirements To Redeem Rocket League Codes?

There are no specific requirements to redeem Rocket League codes. As long as the code is valid and has not been previously redeemed, any player can claim the reward associated with the code.

How Often Does Rocket League Get New Codes?

The release of new Rocket League codes is not on a fixed schedule. Codes may be released during special events, collaborations, or as part of promotional campaigns. Keep an eye on the game’s social media channels and community forums to stay updated on new codes.

How To Get More Rocket League Codes

To get more Rocket League codes, follow the game’s official social media accounts, subscribe to newsletters, or participate in community events and giveaways. Additionally, you can visit websites that compile and share active codes.

What Is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a popular online multiplayer game combining soccer and vehicular action. Players control rocket-powered cars in fast-paced, aerial-based matches, aiming to score goals against opposing teams.

How Often Does Rocket League Update?

Rocket League receives updates regularly, with developers Psyonix constantly working to improve the game, fix bugs, and introduce new content. These updates may include new game modes, arenas, cosmetic items, and seasonal events.


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