How To Destroy Objects While Drifting or Boosting in a Nitro Drifter in Fortnite

The Nitro Drifter from Fortnite starting to drift and about to hit a tree to complete a syndicate quest to destroy objects while drifting or boosting

Fortnite is a highly dynamic battle royale game that receives biweekly updates and new seasons every few months, bringing in fresh mechanics and vehicles. The latest Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2, introduced the Nitro Drifter car and a new quest that requires players to use it to complete the objective.

In this guide, we will provide information on how to destroy objects while drifting or boosting in the Nitro Drifter in Fortnite as part of the Syndicate quest.

How To Complete the Destroy Objects While Drifting or Boosting in a Nitro Drifter Quest in Fortnite

To complete the weekly Syndicate quest, players must ensure they are drifting until they hear the vehicle charge up and then release to send themselves crashing into destructible objects. Destroying 15 objects with the Nitro Drifter can be challenging, particularly in confined areas like the MEGA City. Players should consider heading to a more rural location to increase their chances of success.

Players can aim for various lamp posts and fences, and it’s best to line up multiple objects before boosting to maximize destruction.

How to Drift and Boost in the Nitro Drifter in Fortnite

The Nitro Drifter in Fortnite is a unique vehicle that requires players to drift for a moment before it charges up and speeds off. This can be done by pressing L1 or LB on controllers or holding down the space bar on the PC. Drifting enables players to turn quickly before shooting off in one direction.

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Where To Find the Nitro Drifter in Fortnite

The Nitro Drifter is a speedy vehicle that resembles a motorcycle equipped with a rocket engine at the back and can carry two players at a time; one player drives while the other can fire weapons or collect resources while on the move.

Thanks to its speed and agility, the Nitro Drifter is a popular choice for players who need to travel long distances quickly.

The Fortnite map showing off the locations of where you can find Nitro Drifters
Image by N4G Unlocked via Fortnite.GG

Players can search for spawning points scattered throughout the Fortnite map to locate the Nitro Drifter. The most common locations to find them are around MEGA City, where they can be easily spotted as motorcycles with rocket engines attached.

Keeping an eye out for these vehicles can help players complete certain quests or cover large distances faster during gameplay.

Nitro Drifter Controls for Fortnite

  • Drift
    • PlayStation: L1
    • Xbox: LB
    • PC: Space
  • Switch Seat
    • PlayStation: R3
    • Xbox: Press down on the right analog stick
    • PC: Left CTRL
  • Exit Vehicle
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Xbox: X
    • PC: E
  • Radio On/Off
    • PlayStation: Triangle
    • Xbox: Y
    • PC: R
  • Next Station
    • PlayStation: X
    • Xbox: A
    • PC: C
  • Honk
    • PlayStation: Press down on D-Pad
    • Xbox: Press down on D-Pad
    • PC: B

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What Is the Nitro Drifter in Fortnite?

The Nitro Drifter in Fortnite is a motorcycle-like vehicle equipped with a powerful rocket engine at the back. It is designed for two people, one driving and the other occupying the back seat, to shoot or gather resources while moving.

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