A Leak Reveals the Release Date of Fortnite Summer Update

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The summer is almost here, and Fortnite players are eager to find out when the next update is coming. Since there hasn’t been an official announcement, some people took it upon themselves to inform the community of the date. One leak provided the impatient Fortnite players with the release date of the Summer Update.

Fortnite Players Surprised by a Release Date Leak

On social platform X, a well-known account for Fortnite leaks, HYPEX, shared the news. They stated: “Fortnite Summer Update confirmed @ JUNE 25th”. The account also revealed: “After that, there won’t be another update for 28 DAYS until July 23rd”.

Leak of the release date for Fortnite Summer Update
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

Some players have high expectations for these updates. One player, oShven, said: “Let’s hope for cool rewards, quests, and maybe a new summer vibes item (it would be hilarious if they added a water gun/water balloons)”. Chris added: “Would be cool if they released dune buggies for this update”.

Another player, cozypan, shared their idea for July’s Update. They said: “This will likely be the Pirates of the Caribbean mini pass/event. Also, remember that they updated the Flint Knock to no longer deal fall damage so it may get unvaulted”. Others theorized that maybe a popular skin will finally make its debut.

Some players even showed consideration for the big break between the updates. One of them, joeMAMAkim, said: “Summer vacation, Epic employees don’t work extreme overtime like they did in chapter 1. They need rest. Sort of like how during winter updates are slower”.

Fortnite Summer Update Might Leave Fortnite Fans Wanting More

Unfortunately, most of the players were taken aback by the pause in updates. Timthetallman15 complained: “Honestly. The excuses people make for them are wild. I get we get more content than most games and Epic is the best but that’s mostly because the market is bad, not competitive. They won’t do content updates for 2 weeks, but if there was a glitch that gave extra XP there would be a hotfix out same day”.

Another player, lispwriter, added: “Let’s see if they can outdo last year where they decorated a tiny spot on the island and gave us a tab of nonsense quests”. Jtempo agreed: “Can’t be worse than last year”. It seems that many players had some huge problems with Summer 2023 because a lot of them pointed out how they had a terrible time.

ItsSonicSpeed confirmed. They said: “No update for an entire month? I hope they add a lot of quests and content coz the past few times when we’ve had no update for a long time during the summer it’s been extremely rough”. Boba_Frets reminded the community: “Anyone else remembers when they added the mirror glitch a couple of years ago and then took a month off? Those were fun times”.

We’d like to point out that taking a couple of weeks off in the summer shouldn’t be criticized this much. That being said, we understand why the players want more frequent updates, especially if they are on the break as well. At least, because of the leak, now you know the release date for the Fortnite Summer Update. That allows you to plan your vacation accordingly. We are sure the developers won’t leave us hanging. At least Fortnite Festival Season 4 is here.

Fortnite festival Battle Stage
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