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N4G Communication Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all forms of communication on N4G, whether it be in the comment section, private messages, tickets, or part of one's N4G profile.

.: Our Goal
As a community driven site, we want to ensure that we allow people to communicate openly about the subjects being presented. The spirit of N4G is to allow gamers a place for lively debate on the latest news and opinions. In keeping with that goal, we hope you understand our rules and can abide by them so as to foster a community of open-minded individuals who love discussing this hobby of ours.

.: Offensive Content
Posting pornography, attacks against other people or groups, racial slurs, or similar content is not allowed on N4G. Offenses of this type will not get any warning and will be met with an immediate restriction based on the severity of the action.

.: Trolling
Defined as the making of one or more statements aimed at eliciting a negative response from others, trolling is something that is not allowed on N4G. We understand the subtle difference between a good-natured joke but oftentimes will even flag those if we find the response to them to be heated rather than recognizing them for what they are. In addition, certain terms are used solely as a means to troll and are not allowed, such as ponies, xbots, umadbro, and 'salt' references. More often than not we mark minor infractions, warn users for multiple infractions or major infractions, and proceed to restrict from continued infractions after the warning.

.: Off Topic
The foundation of any debate is that it remain focused on the topic at hand. Please note, it is extremely rare that the conversation should turn to about the individuals you are arguing with and instead should remain on their thoughts shared. Bringing in external topics not germane to the subject at hand may result in comments being hidden. Continued discussion of off-topic material may result in a restriction.

.: Personal Attacks and Name-calling
At no time should a conversation get to the point where you need to insult another user personally or call them a derogatory name or refer to them in a derogatory manner. In addition, telling users to shut up, to die, to kill themselves, or the like is not allowed. Infractions of this sort rarely have a warning and instead, will lead to an immediate restriction dependent on the severity of the infraction and previous infractions.

.: Reporting Offenses
Each comment can be reported using the 'flag' icon to report it as spam or inappropriate. Any post that breaks any rule above should be reported as inappropriate while actual spam should be reported as such. Reporting individuals for a disagreement onlly serves to clutter the report system, so we ask that you use it to report actual incidents and not just disagreements or based on the perceptions of an individuals who tend to have greatly differing opinions or tastes.

Offenses made via Private Message must be submitted to us via ticket at and should include a link to the screenshot of the offensive comments made towards you or others.


This page was last updated on 7/4/2017

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