Microsoft: We Don’t Want Services We Already Have Through Your Console

Charlie writes:

"Microsoft are failing. Bad. I bet this is probably the first bit of sense I’ve spoken in a long time. Why is Microsoft giving us services through a paid service on the Xbox 360 that we can probably get for free elsewhere? Let’s not falter; the PS Vita has services we can get else where too, but at least they’re free and at least you can actually take your Vita to places. To make matters worse, there’s a rumor going around that Microsoft are going to talk about MORE services for the Xbox 360 than actual games. And to make matters even worse, those “actual games” probably won’t even be games you play with a handheld controller. Stop this madness, Microsoft."

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GraveLord2259d ago

I completely agree.
Microsoft doesn't care about gamers anymore.

They are too arrogant. This is when Sony can take back America.

CommonSenseGamer2259d ago

Explain to me how Sony cares about gamers again?

Less activated systems, on-line passes, talking up games like MAG then closing the company. Yeah, Sony cares.

Tony-Red-Grave2259d ago

the developers for MAG didn't support it enough and socom4 was less then stellar so yeah they were closed down. on-line passes are optional, for developers, and really DON'T ADD cost to new or used games, a used game would cost some $54 with the online pass thats $64 about the same as brand new games.

those aren't verey valid reasons for why sony doesn't care. I'm sure someone else can find alot better reasons then the one you gave.

Codeman4202259d ago

Sony aleast has the balls to put out titles for their console instead of using the same what 3 titles over and over .............again. MS is leaving the gaming market behind and focusing on Entertainment. While Sony and Nintendo are doing what they have always done, make great GAMES! Sony has a higher network install base than Live will ever have. because its free, imagine if MS made Live free how many more players would be online., No instead MS increases the price of Live and adds more ads to your dashboard so you can look at those instead of finding out where the button is to actually play your game. MS wont be winning E3 this year cause they have nothing to show but wat Halo4....ewwwwwwww, COD timed DLC.....yawn. all gamers want is games and MS isnt producing.

NastyLeftHook02259d ago


sony cares because they take risks!

there not sitting around scared of new ideas, they stand up and introduce them!

CommonSenseGamer2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )


I own 3 ps3s and online passes and less activated systems have made a big difference in my household. I also owned a PSP Go but got rid of it as soon as they announced they were dropping around it April last year.

As for MAG, Sony hyped that game big time and it was average at best. If they had cared about gamers they would have been honest about the game don't you think?

LOGICWINS2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Codeman, why would MS be concerned about E3 when they already have a guaranteed $10 million with Black Ops 2 and Halo 4? The 360 has a brand appeal in America so great that they can ride on the back of the mainstream majority..not the hardcore minority.

In a nutshell, Microsoft doesn't excel at E3 for the simple reason that they don't have to. The forum dwellers who whine about Microsoft once again having a poor E3 are ignored by Microsoft. Why? Because they don't need ur business. A new Halo and COD is coming out. Millions are already guaranteed.

Kran2259d ago

Compare the things Sony has done wrong than Microsoft and you'll see Microsoft will win the "I did everything wrong" war.

Codeman4202259d ago

Why should MS worry about E3, becuase if MS doesnt show what they have planned for the future ppl will lose interest and not want to spend there money on their console. IF MS only shows services and Nintendo and Sony show games. Majority of TRUE gamers are going to spend their money on their consoles instead of a console offering only services and 1-2 games a year. What happens to MS when they lose COD and Halo?? they pretty much have nothing to fall back on. Sony and Nintendo however have something to fall back on because they have taken those chances on games and they are now successful franchises on their system.

LOGICWINS2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Codeman, ur dealing in "what ifs". Halo isn't going anywhere. Halo 4 has been confirmed to be the start of a new trilogy. COD is still making millions, I expect BLOPS 2 to outdo BLOPS 1.

And whats with your "true" gamer argument. People who don't like what you like aren't true gamers? LOL, where do u people come from? Serious question. What makes a 360 gamer less of a gamer than a PS3 gamer? What makes certain forms of entertainment more TRUE than others?

The 360 is still doing very well for a console that came out in 2005...and thats great competition for Sony. The better the 360, the more Sony will hustle, hence the more focus/value will be put in the PS3. Either way, as a TRUE gamer, I win.

user54670072259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I honestly don't have a clue why people could agree with you

Sony are the only company that actually cares for core gamers these days, it's so obvious it's the reason why I don't understand the hate towards Sony in the Media when they seem to be the only ones still faithful to gaming these days

The amount of support they are giving us gamers is amazing

They close one company and it means they don't care...they did that because the company failed to create games that were going to sell. It's just a typical bussiness decision, it's not like Sony didn't give them a chance.

You know for a user name like "Common Sense" why don't you use some.


"And whats with your "true" gamer argument. People who don't like what you like aren't true gamers? LOL, where do u people come from? "

If someone is more excited for some services for their console rather then want games then yeah...I wouldn't say they are a gamer

"What makes a 360 gamer less of a gamer than a PS3 gamer? What makes certain forms of entertainment more TRUE than others? "

Don't try and twist Codemans words he didn't say all 360 gamers wern't true gamers he's just saying those who'd rather have services then know the type of media which makes you a gamer.

When it comes to services and games on a GAMES console then it's obvious that games are a true form of enteritanment then services, it's what the console was made for. If it was a multi media TV hub which main focus was bring you didn't services like 4OD, ITV, BBC iPlayer etc then that would be the products true from of enterainment because that is what the product was made for.

Codeman4202259d ago

Halo will never last forever and neither will COD. look at Rockband and Guitar hero and amany other great games from the past. Made millions of dollars and what did Activision do, they canned it. no game last forever and WHEN halo and COD die off MS will need something to replace them and with their first party catalog lacking while others are gaining ground MS will fine themselves in Nintendos shoes, only the other way around. with them changing from what their focus was back in 2005 (games) to what it is now in 2012 (entertainment) Devs will move on to make them for consoles where they games will actually be played on. Now will this actually happen who knows only time will tell. i personally see this next gen turning out this gen did only MS will be the Sony of this gen where Sony is MS actually caring about games. MS is adding things to Live which are nice for some ppl but are useless to others and while you HAVE to pay 60$ a year to play online u can go to PSN and have the option to pay for those extra services but still be able to play online if you dont buy them, in a less clutters ad filled environment. Sony doesnt have to hustle for anything they actually have games and thats all they care about. Not how many ads we can add to our dashboard. but all in all the Xbox is no longer a gaming console and should be treated as such.

Marceles2259d ago

I'm kinda jealous of people that go to E3. MS always gives away free stuff to make up for their lack of a conference. Show everyone games that are on multiplatforms, Kinect games, Halo/Forza/or Gears, bring out a few celebrities, free 360s for everyone in the and fans say they win.

da_2pacalypse2258d ago

I've been an xbox owner since halo3 now, I bought a ps3 a year ago because it has so many great exclusives. I swear, the only thing the Ps3 needs is party chat and consoles that come with a mic. Those are the only problems I've had with the ps3.. Sure the xbox is my main console (because that's what a lot of my friends play). But Sony is kicking MS's ass, and it's quite sad, because at the beginning of this console generation, it was almost the other way around.

Optical_Matrix2258d ago

Well you're talking rubbish. PS3 has a higher attach rate than the Xbox 360 now, Sony are constantly announcing new games, their online service has remained free for the entire generation, they fund interesting a new IP.....what the hell does 'less activated systems even mean'? Theres more people using PSN than there are XBL. Theres a lot less people with dual accounts out there than you think wasteman.

BattleAxe2258d ago

I bought a 360 slim from a friend of mine about 2 months ago which was barely used. I'm already finding that theres not much of a reason to turn it on. I did spend the money on a one year LIVE subscription, but I think I'll probably sell my 360 once the subscription is up. I beat Alan Wake, I beat Halo Reach and played some of the multiplayer, and now I'm struggling to gain enough interest to beat Gears of War 1 which just like Halo, I can't understand the high scores.

since I've gone completely with digital downloads on my PS3 and on my PC with steam, I decided to go the same route with my 360. My system came with Alan Wake as a download for free, Forza 3 on two discs and then I bought Halo: Reach, Gear 1 and Gears 2. I honestly don't see any other games that I can't get on PS3 or Steam. Without some big game releases, the 360 is going to sink like the Titanic. Kinect has completely ruined everything for core gamers on the 360. I probably would have been better off buying a Wii instead, but the 360 only cost me $100.00, so I couldn't resist trying it out.

joab7772258d ago

I love my xbox but right now, Sony is kicking their ass where it gamers. They had a terrible year as a corporation last year, losing billions to the tsunami, to samsung etc., but they still manage to continually make great exclusives. The online is free and offers most services u pay for on xbox. Yes, they screwed up on memory which affects cross game chat and many open world games like skyrim, but its a mistake made long ago. The cell processor was possibly a mistake too. But at least they were trying to push the boundaries with it. Just as they did with blu ray. Now, i believe sonys actions have helped micrsoft to do what they are doing.

What is that u ask? Nothing. They see how hard sony has worked to release countless exclusives and they realize that for the most part, they arent lucrative. Xbox has ridden gears and halo and their cod dominance (which is dissipating) to glory.Now they may be right. But eventually it will catch up to them. I believe that they arent going to invest in this gen anymore unless its something that carries over to next gen, like services. I hope if this is the case that they are investing heavily into next gen. They must realize that it was their core gaming that drew everyone to them. So, i am not nervous yet. But i am getting there.

JokesOnYou2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

OK, how can adding new features whether found free elsewhere or not be failing? I mean you're already paying for the service, now if there is some type of feature that the overwhelming majority has been demanding and they keep adding trivial upgrades that's a problem, but simply upgrading a paid service isn't a failure although most dont need a browser its just a small upgrade, why not make improvements.

Where are all these exclusive ps3 games Sony folks keep screaming about vs what has been released on 360 so far this year, I mean please show this long list of must have ps3 games Sony folks swear micro is getting their butts kicked by, please, please do show, all I can think of off the top of my head is Starhawk good game but not exactly the killer app to wave pom-poms over. 360's had Witcher2, but neither has a pletheora of big time games to awe core gamers, ps3 folks just talk as if they do, hell other than Gears3 most of my time has been spent on ME3, Batman AC and the much hated MW3, hate me all you want but that game is just pure fun with friends, Batman AC is probably the best SP game only I played all year, yet their all if there weren't so many great multi games, I'd only have Gear3, Forza4, and UC3 to play combined on my ps3 & 360 over the last year, quality over quantity, I don't play "the exclusives", I play games I enjoy. 360 is winning in America and did so last year WW because it excels at providing just that, great all around entertainment for pure gaming fun with friends and family.

sticky doja2258d ago

I couldn't get past the first few sentences (if you even can call some of them sentences) before I realized this "article" had to have been written by a 12 year old who is flunking English.

Denethor_II2258d ago

"Less activated systems, on-line passes"

You forgot free online, youtube, facebook, twitter, porn (if that's your thing). PS Plus with great discounts, automatic patch updates, content worth 3 or 4 times worth the intial price (as an option). A portable console to game on the go, The list honestly just goes on.
But most of all a constant flow of fleshed out, pumped to the max AAA exclusives, not timed, not just console, but real, exclusive, experiences.
If you want to see talking up of games I suggest you watch Peter's talk up of Milo for Kinecto. Or even Star Wars for Kinect.

Brosy2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

PS3 will never outsell the 360 in NA. Get that little delusion sorted out now.

Exclusives are over rated. Name 5 big blockbuster exclusives that Sony has, that has managed to bring in 8 million in sales. You cant do it. Because most sony exclusives fail. I find plenty of games to play on my 360, and couldn't care less about generic exclusive number 100 on the PS3.

Services, Xbox Live is the best online gaming service in the world. Why do you think so many people don't mind paying for it? Thay can add all the apps they want, it just makes Live better after all. If sony wasn't so driven to push blu-ray down everyones throat, maybe they could have used a better processor than the Cell. PSN can't even do party chat for crying out loud.

So many sony fanboys and multiple account users jumped on this poor excuse for an opinion piece its truly pathetic.

Gamer19822258d ago

Less activated systems - Erm MS allow 1 What are you moaning about?
on-line passes - Devs choose this not Sony so get real
talking up games like MAG then closing the company - MAG failed it did and companys won't stay around if they fail however Sony have invested in a lot of great companys and kept them around like Media Molocule where as MS shut them down completely e.g. RARE & Ensemble studios. The weak will die and great will survive.

MS are a hell of a lot worse than Sony when it comes to all them reasons so get off your high horse.

vega2752258d ago

what are you talking about?

The reality is that every single game we shipped took twice as long as we said it was going to take, and cost twice as much to make," Bettner said. "Microsoft is a public company, they answer to their shareholders, and we were simply too expensive."

"Sony have invested in a lot of great companys and kept them around like Media Molocule where as MS shut them down completely" MS never owned media molocule check your facts again.

"on-line passes - Devs choose this not Sony so get real". so Dev's and publishers choose to put online passes on sony 1st party studio games like uncharted,R3,ect? would that be sony, since they own the IP's and are their studios

Clarence2258d ago

Come on man how many gaming companies has M$ closed.

I can explain to you how Sony cares about gamers. They continue to bring out new franchise games along with continued support for the PS3 media service.

Again Sony said that the PS3 will be the complete entertainment hub back in 2006.

While M$ only wanted to make games Sony was concentrating on both areas, media entertainment, and gaming. Thus blu-ray, wifi, and web browser. All the stuff M$ and the media hated on, is now excepted by M$ and the media.

As far as online passes, how come your not complaining about paying to play online with Xbox live.

Come on use common sense.

Ji99saw2258d ago

@Codeman420 Yeah your right Sony does have balls even enough balls to bankrupt their whole company as far as I know MS hasn't been Losing money for five years straight and has a handheld on the market that is getting ass raped by the competition. Sony has ball and failing company, MS has a strong growing company

Jaces2258d ago


True or "Core" gamers are people who play games outside the COD/Halo realm. It's hard to consider anyone who doesn't play anything else other than those two shooters a core gamer. Your logic on MS only needing to lean on those games to keep up with the competition is pathetic and yet true because that's what they'll do. No innovation, no drive, no reason to change. Xbox will be more of a cable box rather than a gaming console in the years to come.

You can defend it all you want but I've lost all respect for Xbox and what it had promised in the long run. I only hope that the MS mindset doesn't seep into Sony where we only get 1 or 2 rehashed exclusives a year with timed exclusive content for multiplatform games.

Sure this may seem like a great plan for people who play games when their COD/Halo comes out once a year but for those who enjoy the variety out there it's disgusting. They way developers have become lazy and comfortable with giving us the same sub par game over and over, because the casual majority supports it without even knowing the cost.

MS doesn't even try to push boundaries anymore with games, they look to appease the casuals like yourself who enjoy being spoon fed the same shit year after year.

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LOGICWINS2259d ago

So Gravelord, when is this miracle going to happen? When is Sony going to take over America? They've been at it almost six years. Just because a company is arrogant doesn't mean that they all of a sudden lose customers. If that were the case, Capcom and Apple would have gone out of business years ago. If I were Sony, I'd be content with worldwide HD console dominance.

GamingPerson2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

"Microsoft is failing. Bad."

True from a Hardcore gamers perspective.
The casuals are having an amazing year with all the exclusive kinect titles on xbox.
I expect 2013 to be an awsome year for the casuals.
I am happy for them.

Basjohn2258d ago

You don't need to be "hardcore" to know kinect and move are rubbish ideas.

M_Prime2258d ago

Rancor Rampage in Starwars Kinect is so awsome.. i don't care if you are hardcore or casual, best $39 i ever spend on a kinect game

FrigidDARKNESS2259d ago

The industry has changed it's not about games anymore it's now bout who can provide the best content in your living room. With game sales tanking each month companies have to be more creative now to increase there revenues.

cstyle2259d ago

"This is when Sony can take back America."

First, they have to acknowledge that they've lost it.

showtimefolks2258d ago

this is the article where xbox fanboys just don't want to see logic, MS when launching xbox360 said to anyone who would listen that we are about core gamers and guess what we supported them and made the console a success now all we see are kinect titles and halo 4 really?

disagree take one of my bubble if you want unlike many of y'all i have one account and will speak my mind.

what has MS delivered over the past 2 years exclusives wise? what are the exclusives coming for future? patcher has already said he seen MS conference and he said don't expect a lot of games. Expect voice search and other kinect features so correct me if i am wrong isn't xbox360 a gaming console who the fuck is asking for these features? This is why MS will not be successful moving forward to next xbox, you can not treat your fan base like this for 3 straight years and all of the sudden next gen come launch time you care about core gamers

i am glad nintendo is coming to HD gaming so i can get a wii-u and a ps4.

most MS fanboy sites are even asking what the hell is going on

enjoy halo 4 and another forza while both nintendo and sony fans will be enjoy real games made for gamers that you can't get on xbox360.

gears is done with exclusive and peter left the fable studio so what the heck is really going on? hopefully phil harrison will fix this but i seriously doubt it

DarthJay2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I can play The Witcher 2 and Minecraft on my Xbox 360 and I can't play them on my Playstation 3. I don't care if they are on the PC, I am a console gamer first and both of them blow every PS3 exclusive I own out of the water. So what has Microsoft done for me? I can also play the plethora of other games I own, too. You know, the ones that are on multiple platforms that generally end up being the listed among the best games of the year? Unless you are playing video games 24 hours a day, you should never run out of something to do on either console.

Seriously, do you only play games that are SUPER DUPER EXCLUSIIIIVES!!!!11!??!?? This is the typical fanboyish response that makes me hate gamers.

They've given me Xbox Live party chat, something that PS3 only gamers will never truly understand or appreciate. Ever try coordinating a game that doesn't have a good lobby system with a friend on PS3? Like, say, Starhawk? I bought my PS3 for DC Universe Online when it came out and there was nothing more frustrating then trying to link up with my friends in the open world when the in game chat didn't work for the first few weeks.

I've never had a problem coordinating on my 360, because I'll sit in a Live Party all night and shoot the shiz with my friends, even if we aren't playing the same game, or hell, even if we aren't playing games at all. That is worth the $5 I would pay a month if I had ever paid full price for Xbox Live in the last four years.

Oh and to talk about the article at hand... one of the worst articles I have ever seen approved on this site, which is notoriously pro-Sony, so it isn't even remotely surprising.

Yeah, who wants Microsoft to constantly add new stuff when we are already paying for it anyway? Shame on them for making my Xbox Live go that much further!

I don't have these game problems everyone seems to speak of. I have both consoles and a PC I dropped $2200 into. I play whatever game I want whenever I want because I want to. It must suck not to be able to do the same, but I wouldn't know.

People spend waaaaaaay too much time whining about irrelevant drivel like this article when ultimately, it is completely irrelevant. Why does everything have to be a competition? Why does anyone even give half a crap? Weak.

Basjohn2258d ago

Ugh and I wish that was the end of MS's major messups recently. Not only did they say they cared about PC gaming and then half killed it themselves through GFWL and cancelling PC titles for exclusivity (Alan Wake) but now Windows 8 is.......built for tablets. They're really really stupid enough to think that designing the most successful desktop OS to work poorly on a desktop (Metro is shit with a mouse and keyboard) is a good idea?!?!

I want to stick up for MS so badly but the head is too far up the ass for any fireman to save it.

OccludedGamer2258d ago


"I am a console gamer first"

"I have both consoles and a PC I dropped $2200 into"

sounds like you should be a pc gamer first, but more on topic, do you really believe MS should be given a free pass on the games because the DEVS of the games decided to bring you 2 mentioned titles to xbox.

Because really MS had almost nothing to do with it. They used to pay for titles to be made for them, now they just let someone else make the title then say yeah we will have it. How is that even of any benefit to the industry?

At least Nintendo and Sony are trying to put something back into the industry. Microsoft are much more interested in leeching off it and if you don't see that then you must have missed the Xbox's golden years, because it actually was a good console quite some years ago now

MrMister2258d ago

Wow, Grave...and here I was thinking you were a Nintendo fanboy. Sony really is the only company listening to fans. MS fell off the bandwagon 2 years ago, and lord knows what Nintendo is thinking (ever since Iwata has been head of Nintendo--it's been less concerned with what fans want, or more stuck on it's own agenda--like microsoft). Just my opinion.

JTX1232258d ago

sony can take back america... oh, they don't have any money left for advertising or to make first party titles, that nobody buys btw (twisted metal) lol.

microsoft are too arrogant, i agree.
but, sony are too broke. i just hope kaz can fix this mess.

givemeshelter2258d ago

Sony take back America? Good luck with that...

Genghis2258d ago

Um this article is essentially just a glorified N4G comment.

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Hufandpuf2259d ago

"Microsoft is failing. Bad."

False. They are actually making more money.

Kran2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

That's... true.

But that's not exactly the idea I was going for. I was more going for an "EPIC FAIL" type of thing, except less epic. You know. Like... they're doing something stupid.

Hufandpuf2259d ago

I agree that Microsoft is not delivering new games or IPs. And it's concerning to us Xbox 360 players that there hasn't been much 1st party support in terms of games. But Microsoft does sell products and exclusives however I think that they may be playing it too safe by sticking to halo 4 and gears of war.

Jazz41082259d ago

Welcome to n4g where a fanboy can be a journalist. This article could easily be twisted back at Sony as to why they are going bankrupt.

dontbhatin2259d ago

they might be making money but they are failing because they forgot what made the 360 what it is known as now.

Basjohn2258d ago

Failing in the long term. They're going for short-term profit and not establishing/maintaining "brand loyalty". They will suffer in the long run for these mistakes but it's up to them in regards to when the realize them and stop insisting we all want to yell at our TVs for them to google apple pie recipes.

Damnit now I want some apple pie.

Echo3072258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I'd love for you to explain to me how MS is going for short-term profit and not maintaining brand loyalty? Is it because they're charging for XBL? They did that last gen and the Xbox brand is 10 times more popular now than it was then.

Is it because of Kinect and all the software updates? The 360 has been the top selling console in the States for awhile now so they're obviously not pissing anyone off there.

Is it because they're not focusing on core games? That's what Sony did last gen with the PS2, right? And where is Sony this gen? Last place.

I'm not saying MS is making all the right moves but they're in no way destroying brand loyalty. Their first party retail lineup has been shit for a couple of years now, yet most of their exclusives still sell like crazy (unlike most of Sony's).

As far as software goes, people have to pay for services like Netflix AND for XBL if they want to use them on their Xbox, and the 360 is still the most used platform for Netflix.

Say what you will about Microsoft, the Xbox brand is more popular than it's ever been while showing no signs of slowing down, yet MS has been pulling the same strategy for a couple of years now.

Brand loyalty is not an issue for them. If they could survive the RROD ordeal (and they did), there's not much else they can do short of completely dropping the ball (like Sony did at the beginning of this gen) to destroy what they've built.

OccludedGamer2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )


yeah but PS2 wasn't last gen was it so don't try and spin it.

You know exactly what focusing on core games done for the PS2, because it is the most successful console in history, so you decided to put PS2 and this gen in the same sentence.

What really concerns me is that you seem to back their agenda while admitting they're not making the right moves.

"As far as software goes, people have to pay for services like Netflix AND for XBL if they want to use them on their Xbox, and the 360 is still the most used platform for Netflix."

See this is the thing, you realize they are charging people for access to a service they already paid access to, and you support their actions. There should be nothing they can do or say to condone that sort of action but they get away with it without even being questioned on it

Echo3072257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

OMG, what a idiot.

"yeah but PS2 wasn't last gen..."

PS2 isn't last gen? Are you smoking crack, dude? Yes the PlayStation 2 AKA, the 'PS2' is a last gen console. The PS3 is Sony's current gen console.

And yes, Sony went all out to support the PS2 with great first-party content and it sold like crazy, but that's my point. Despite going crazy with first party support both this gen and last, Sony has still lost a large chunk of their market share to Microsoft. So my point is that brand loyalty isn't 100% dependent on a good first-party lineup. Which is one of the many reasons why a lot of Xbox owners don't care that this is one area that Microsoft isn't pushing as much as they used to.

And holy fuck, please please PLEASE tell me how I am "backing their agenda" and "supporting their actions"?

I simply pointed out that they've been using the same strategy for several years, and it's working for them. I said nothing about my particular taste towards their products. In fact, I even called their first party lineup "shit" in my first comment, AND I pointed out their RROD fiasco.

I sincerely hope you respond to this because I'm aching to know how someone could possibly think that the PS2 isn't "last gen" and to explain how you could possibly take my words so far out of context.


PirateThom2259d ago

Can't really complain, the userbase accepted this, so that's why they're doing it.

If no one complains, why change what you're doing?

Ninjamonkey822259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

In that that lies the problem if people can't act out and ask for change there won't be change. Money flow ain't an issue for MS in its current form sales are steady and people still seem to be happy with what they have.

Me personally my xbox has hardly been on in ages. Kinect has been a waste of my time and expect for the odd third party game that looks that bit better on xbox my Playstation has been the focus of my gaming.

Ad to that ive gotten proper back into hardcore PC gaming. Im in an active clan and i haven't atm got much reason to play my 360.

I have got halo4 preordered. I did not buy Gears like the last one it just didn't apeal to me. My xbox collection is vast but its an old school mix of exculsives. PGR Forzas Halos outside that its third party games and i can get better versions of them on my PC.

Playstation atm is giving me as a gamer what i want plenty to look forward to. Every time i look something new is on the horizion and they ain't just we crappy arcade games. Theres full releases i can get my teeth into from top developers.

I hoping for a good E3 from Microsoft tbh.

Redgehammer2259d ago

I act with my money, and I have certainly gotten my moneys worth out of my 360. XBLA is fantastic,and IMO, the games are just as important as disc based games. I love all the options availible to me, from games to apps and everything in between.

Godmars2902259d ago

Except the people MS are now trying to sell to don't really know any better.

They sold paid XBL to gamers on the basis of cross game chat and general social support, online access, and now they're presenting it to casuals as a media center.

tokugawa2259d ago

i dont know why iam even replying..

@ pirate thom. as ive said before and ill say it again, having a plethora of exclusives is good, great even! but in all honesty, for me, and looking at the way they sell in the real world outside of n4g, sonys exclusives aint all that. it is probably only 3 or 4 that are heavyhitters... the rest are forgettable. sorry.

@ god of mars. i dont really understand your point. it is just your typical nonsense in all honesty. but for me, live was the reason i got an xbox 360. coming off of the backof the xbox.

last gen, sonys exclusives werent held in the reverance that they are on n4g. i cant get my head round all this exclusive this exclusive that rubbish that gets spouted on here. i have a ps3, which gets used for the exclusive single player games that interest me.... which aint many in all honesty.

listen i know that sort of talk aint liked on here, but i think its time to man up. in the real world; apart from gran tourismo, metal gear (no idea if that will stay exclusive) and perhaps now uncharted and god of war, the rest of sonys games are not considered anything special.

sorry about that..

Wintersun6162259d ago

First of all most Sony exclusives sell decent to great, a handful pretty badly. It's a common misconception that PS3 exclusives don't sell well, a majority of them has reached the 1M mark and a nice amount have sold multiple millions. Secondly, no matter how poorly a game sells, it can be very memorable to an individual gamer.

You may not have enjoyed PS3 exclusives as much as me for example, but you shouldn't call them forgettable on behalf of any other people.

Outside_ofthe_Box2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

***"and looking at the way they sell in the real world outside of n4g, sonys exclusives aint all that."***

They "aint all" that because they don't sell? Are seriously letting sales determine quality? Never mind the fact that they do in fact sell. Just because they don't sell like Halo or Gears doesn't mean that they don't sell.

***"the rest of sonys games are not considered anything special."***

Do you mind telling me 360 games that are considered special in the "real" world please?

NeoTribe2258d ago

Don't forget about lbp.

tokugawa2258d ago

outside the box. listen i didnt mean to ruffle the fanboy feathers.

im not using sales numbers to determine quality, just using them to highlight their popularity. which is clear that outside of n4g, they are not really considered!

and i never said that xbox games are considered special did i! again, just stating that it is only n4g that THINK that sonys games are special.

re-read what i wrote.

Outside_ofthe_Box2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

***"outside the box. listen i didnt mean to ruffle the fanboy feathers."***

Says the one making fanboy-like comments...

***"just using them to highlight their popularity. which is clear that outside of n4g, they are not really considered!"***

I don't think anyone has ever said that they are popular. Just that most are of quality.

***"and i never said that xbox games are considered special did i!"***

Then why are you acting like PS3 games are the only ones not considered "special"?

Look, just because the games don't appeal to you doesn't mean they aren't "all that." Sony bringing out more exclusives isn't hurting anyone. And it appears that everyone knows this EVEN the haters so they result to pulling out sales figures in an attempt to making it look like a bad thing for Sony to continue to bring out more games which is really pathetic imo.

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NBT912259d ago

Anyway, 360 gamers dont pay for these services. They pay to game online, the services are then thrown in as free additions. Its not like NetFlix where you actually pay a fee, the twitter apps etc are free to use, you just pay to game online, same as XBOX Live always was even before all these apps existed to the extent they do today. They just gave them as extras... What is the problem there?

Granted that is still rubbish when PS3 is doing the same thing for free, but lets not bring up that debate for the billionth time...

dontbhatin2259d ago

"XBOX Live always was even before all these apps existed to the extent they do today. They just gave them as extras... What is the problem there? "

You just answered your question saying that Sony does the same stuff for free. And i don't understand how it really could be a debate anymore. MS charges for the same stuff Sony doesn't charge for. There is no difference between download speeds since my 360 and PS3 download stuff at the same speeds give or take a few seconds. So nobody can really try to tell me that downloads on PSN are slower than XBL.

TheRealHeisenberg2258d ago

@ dontbhatin

I used to have Live Gold and gave it up because I felt cheated having to pay for things that should be free which is why I mostly game on PS3 now. With that said, Live was a better overall experience which included better download speeds so nobody can really try to tell me that downloads on PSN are NOT slower than XBL. It better be faster considering the amount of money that MS continues to make on it.

Patriots_Pride2258d ago

Thank you thom - Outside of N4G millions of 360 user are happy with there console.

The 360 is still selling good and people are still paying for LIVE and dont regret it despite the PS3 having Blu Rey, more exclusives and fron online and costing about the same.

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Redgehammer2259d ago

BTW A company is considered a single entity; hence, Microsoft is, not Microsoft are.
All my 360 needs now is a N4G app, and I would would never have to use my crappy PC ever again.
I think the 360 is an awesome machine, and it keeps getting better, every year of the 5 years I have owned one.

Kran2259d ago

Yeah. I wasn't really sure. I literally changed it last minute on N4G but if you read the article, it's still "is".

Besides if I did say "are", then I would, more or less, be talking about the workers.

000000000000000000012259d ago

MS is failing so bad that I keep using my 360 way more than my PS3.
Why would MS have to make new games when another companies bring out games like the Witcher 2 for the 360.

Asgaro2259d ago

What games were you playing before The Witcher 2 came out?