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TG writes: The creators of Warhawk bring us another third person shooter. Did Dylan Jobe and Lightbox Interactive create a successful sequel, or should this title be lost in space?

Read our review to find out.

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TerminalGamer2260d ago

Warhawk was great and Starhawk really improves on the whole experience.

LiViNgLeGaCY2260d ago

I also agree 100%. I'm not really that great yet, but this game is such an incredible experience.

the worst2260d ago

well i dont agree
warhawk is way more fun
starhawk is boring camper fests

Hicken2260d ago

No one expected you to agree. You've been trolling every review of Starhawk since its release. If it's that bad, why are you in here bitching about people enjoying it? Why aren't you back on Warhawk instead?

shammgod2259d ago

*clicks red negative box, selects trolling option, goes back to playing starhawk*

Moby-Royale2260d ago

It will be a 10/10 from me as soon as the servers allow me to play a game with my friend. Seperate: no issues finding a match. Together: impossible.

It's a shame that we still cannot play the game, as I don't play multiplayer alone. So I'm stuck not being able to play. Which blows because it is a freakin stellar game!!

I just have to execute some patience. Though it's a shame that games don't work right away anymore.(I know that I should be used to it happening by now)

Aside from the expected issue, the game is great.

YOU should buy it!

LiViNgLeGaCY2260d ago

It wouldn't let you guys play together? That's weird. Did you guys party up?

I had to go to the mp homeworld first, invite my friend to it, then send him a party invite. After that, I would just go into a game, and he followed me automatically.

Moby-Royale2260d ago

Lol.I knew that somebody would "disagree" with my true story.

Anyway, yes we did all of that. We either get put in a match with just four people, or less often we are in a full match but can't hear each other.

I do appreciate you trying to help, really.(not being sarcastic)

I also tried setting up my own match, but no more than two ever joined and a match never started.

Looking forward to playing the game. Lol ;)

TerminalGamer2260d ago

I haven't had any issues and have had friends join my party after inviting them. My biggest complaint is that not enough players want to work together. Maybe once more players get the game, that will change.

shammgod2259d ago

Try joining a clan with your friends. I have at least twenty people in the clan I play in and I haven't played a game without at least one of them with me. Good luck!

Moby-Royale2259d ago

I wanted to thank you too for trying to help. We are in a clan. :)

Now let me ask you this: did you go under quick match or the other option(custom match, something like that lol)?

Anyway, thank you for trying to help a stranger. :)

shammgod2259d ago

I just go under the clan option and select one of the players (your friend in this case) and it will show which match, map he is in and offer for you to join, if there is enough room in the match.

If he is not in a match already you can use one of the options you mentioned, then you or he will have to go into the clan tab and locate the other player to follow them.

There may be other ways but this is what I do

urgentfury2259d ago

If you are looking to be on opposite sides set up a server and make sure split team is turned on

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grailly2260d ago

I'm still waiting for my copy, I'm starting to get impatient

ftwrthtx2260d ago

It's worth the wait. :-)

kc_chang2259d ago

I really enjoyed the beta.

Pintheshadows2259d ago

I was upset today as I was intending to pick this up on my weekly shop. Tesco didn't bloody have it. Stupid Tesco. I got fresh Raspberries though. They numbed the pain somewhat.