Dishonored dev, “People want to define it before they play it”

A lot has been made about the past games linked to the Dishonored development team which include Deus Ex, Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah Of Might and Magic and Half-life 2. There have been plenty of comparisons and co-director Raphael Colantonio says, “We expect it”.

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Crazyglues1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Actually the way this game looks reminds me of Bioshock Infinite - just the look, like they used the same game engine or something... -I wonder why that is...?


-MD-1987d ago

What's with the ps3 logo thing?

Crazyglues1987d ago

I'm on PS3... just in-case you were wondering

DigitalAnalog1987d ago

Bioshock Infinite utilizes a heavily-modified UE3. Since most games tend to use UE3 it's no surprise why it should look similar.

r211987d ago

Possibly because they helped made bioshock 2.

WolfLeBlack1987d ago

It's human nature to try and label things, even before we actually know what they are, so it's hardly surprising that they're trying to compare it to other things.

On another note, I'm really looking forward to Dishonored! Had a chance to play it for a short while and loved ever moment of it. Posessing rats FTW! :D

Crazyglues1987d ago

Really you got a chance to play it, what would you say it plays like... ???

and how is the in-game graphics, did you feel the game looked really good.


WolfLeBlack1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I won't try to compare it to another game as that really wouldn't do it justice, but the Bioshock comparisons are fair in terms of the immersive first-person view it's going for.

The action is slick from the little I got play and works well. Again, a Bioshock comparison does work to a degree here: as you get more abilities it's all about learning how to best combine them. However, Dishonored is going to be more open than Bioshock was in this sense, though obviously I can't comment on whether the same could be said for Infinite.

There's a lot of room to taclke each situation in unique ways. Encounters aren't scripted, so it gives a better sense of freedom to do what you want. For example, one bit involved getting up into a guys office, but there's about seven different ways of doing that.

Graphically, the art style is beautiful. Again, the occasional bit made me think Bioshock, but for the most part it's a unique style. On the technical side it was also great, but with some rought patches, though that's to be expected.

So much for not comparing :D

Crazyglues1987d ago

Sounds interesting... to be honest this game was not on my radar, but I am really interested in it now...

Sounds like it could be a really good game..


Soldierone1987d ago

Its common. How many people start hating a game or praising it for all its worth before its even out? Look at COD. We already saw a bunch for both sides for Black ops 2 and its not even close to releasing yet.

Staude1987d ago

Hope the melee combat is like dark messiahs :P