EA: Dead Space “wouldn’t have caught on” without last-minute redesign

Much-loved survival horror Dead Space was to be a much slower game, but EA and Visceral Games were forced into last-minute changes after negative feedback from testers.

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Edito2392d ago

And it turned out to be a wonderful Sci-Fi Survival horror (the best of generation).

BraveToaster2392d ago

but it isn't survival horror...

Hellsvacancy2392d ago

I know what you mean, the first game was more horror than survival, the second was more action than horror

lastdual2392d ago

Yeah, Dead Space is action horror.

It's a great game, but after a few upgrades Isaac is basically a walking tank. The suspense comes more from intense action scenes and jump-out scares.

It's hard to feel a real sense of vulnerability when you're mercilessly dismembering everything in your path.

ninjahunter2392d ago

*hears scary noise behind me*
"For the love of god dont stop sprinting!"

Sevir2392d ago

Dead Space was filled with many moments like that!

konnerbllb2392d ago

Play DS2 d on the hardest difficulty and you only get three game saves. It's very much survival horror.

tigertron2392d ago

Dead Space 1 - survival horror
Dead Space 2 - action horror

Sevir2392d ago

I'd expect issac to be more adept to surviving a second or third outbreak! Action survival horror is still survival even if there are Hollywood style set pieces! I love it and its not an issue!

Kyosuke_Sanada2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

All they need to do in part 3 is:

- Remove the ammo dropping enemies but have areas where it can be logical (or illogical if it done in a funny manner) to procure ammunition like from a dead security officer or an armory.

- Work harder in making the theatres more disturbing and obscure. Horror is done right when a game is just as scary or scarier out of battle than in battle. Try to use the player's imagination as his greatest enemy. Amnesia, and the original Silent Hill series did a great job of this.

- Stop funneling the playscape and make it more open world. I think Dead Space would benefit if the game covered one giant set piece where the player can explore of their own free will with sections opening up as the he or she progresses. One great example is the original Resident Evil series and Metroid.