Twinfinite: How to Make Everyone Like DmC (Without Changing the Game)

Dear Ninja Theory:

I, Zack, am a fan of the Devil May Cry games. I like the varied weapons and how the ability to choose between different kinds of “devil arms” and guns allows for a surprisingly deep combat system. I like the cinematics, so lost in their ridiculousness that they eschew any kind of pretension and try to hurl as much fun, stylish, sword-swingingly, pistol-blazingly awesome stuff at the screen as they can. I like Dante a heck of a lot; in practice his actions are a wonderful mixture of camp and awesomeness, but now and then the occasional stop to consider his half-demon, half-human heritage makes him if not relatable, then at least endearing.

I am not going to sugarcoat this. I do not believe that you are the developers right for this franchise.

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Megaman_nerd1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

increase the frame-rate and add resets. This is the least they can do... Even a jump cancel would do it to combat those retarded canned combos. DMC was good because you could make original combos thanks to the resets.

InTheLab1944d ago

A little humility would hurt as well. NT's arrogance is half the reason why I'll pass on DMC. The other half happens to be my personal ban on all EA Japan (also known as Capcom) games....

NT and Capcom deserve each other and they deserve a nice healthy failure for crapping on fans...

WeskerChildReborned1944d ago

I'd rather play another DMC with Nero as the protagonist than play a reboot because reboots never really beat the original.