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The_Nameless_One2189d ago

I really don't dig the look they gave her in Arkham City and it's even worse now. They turned her all Fetish wear/emo/goth thing. She doesn't have that twisted harlequin look anymore.

roadkillers2189d ago


I think she's wearing that because of the Joker's death. It seems more like funeral attire then goth (I guess a mix of both).

Off Topic: Should watch the trailer for this, its pretty badass.

dark-hollow2189d ago

i really hope the joker isnt done for good.

maybe it is his plan all along to get out of the arkham city?

n4gisatroll2189d ago

Ya...or its a joke. We all know how the joker is by now. He wants eveeryone to think he's dead. And Harley is just a pawn, so of course shes going to play along.

Nimblest-Assassin2189d ago

It is funeral attire, she has the veil and everything. Very excited for this dlc, sicne Arkham city was my second favorite game of the last year. The only things that pissed me of was the final boss, and how under used Hugo Strange was.

He sadly felt like an after thought

SilentNegotiator2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

True, the black makes sense, but I personally still didn't like the change to the Brittany Spears model in Arkham City.

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LarVanian2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )


Maybe it's supposed to reflect how she feels about what happened to Joker.

EDIT- roadkillers beat me to it.

The_Nameless_One2189d ago

It doesn't matter. I did not like her look on any of the Arkham games. She just looks like she robbed a Hot Topic store.

They also gave her that Stripper look in The New 52 which wasn't received well at all by reviewers and fans alike.

That look just lacks familiar elements of the quirky clown, sacrificing her usual character qualities for sex appeal. My main issue with the new look is mostly due to lack of jester appearance, which has initially been Harley Quinn's namesake. The only justification to the change from Bruce Timm's classic design was that "People liked her look in Arkham Asylum".

Nimblest-Assassin2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

I had no problems with the look of Harley in the Arkham games, sure its far from her original concept by Paul Dini, but still every comic book series has different interpretations of characters.

My problem was Tara Strong's VA... I guess Im way to used to hearing Arleen Sorkin as quinn since my childhood.

They really need to re-air the Batman the Animated Series, or at least release a blu-ray collection of the episodes

SilentNegotiator2189d ago


You can still get them on DVD, though. I have the entire series :)

I like Superman:TAS even more, though.

But for a REAL treat, check out the features "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" and "All-Star Superman"....those ones are absolutely DEFINITIVE if you ask me.

LarVanian2189d ago

So apparently Arkham City will close at the end of this DLC? I think the only logical way that Rocksteady could go bigger is by making the next game 'Batman: Gotham City' as some people online have been saying. Arkham World sounds kind of tacky and probably wouldn't make sense storywise after the events of Arkham City.

basilezz30302189d ago

no dlc for pc version >:-8

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