Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Origins

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee visits Silent Hill.

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lynx1halo3994d ago

he said "I will remove 3 of my own vertebra, peel my spine back, and eat my own ass" LOL

ban fans3994d ago

I love the zero punctuation reviews. Even if they have no real use as to tell you anything about a game, they are great. LOL

mighty_douche3994d ago

Best reviewer out there. He doesnt take himself to seriously and is obviously a true gamer at heart!

KidMakeshift3994d ago

Origins is okay. It's kinda like a boring version of Silent Hill 2, but I enjoyed it more than 3 and 4

heyheyhey3994d ago

this guy is amazing- his reviews are sheer comedy and i love them

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