Fallout 2 Gets Unofficial Fan Expansion

The diehard, almost fanatical fellows over at the post-apocalyptic fansite No Mutants Allowed have released an impressive and extensive mod for Interplay/Black Isle Studios' RPG classic, Fallout 2. NMA considers it an expansion of sorts, as it fleshes out a lot of incomplete areas in the game and even adds entirely new places, such as a residential area in The Den.

didn't think it was possible for Fallout 2 to get any better. It's like improving on perfect, or near perfection. The only thing more awesome would be melding dinosaurs with Transformers.

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Relcom3994d ago

as soon as i get off of work.

Zhuk3994d ago

WOW thanks for this! it sounds amazing, I got my original copy of FO2 right next to me, might give it a try!

TrevorPhillips3994d ago

heheh your welcome pal im glad to help =]

MK_Red3993d ago

Thanks for the superb find. Thank you my friend. I can't thank you enough :)

socomnick3994d ago

sweet downloading now ty so much.

Relcom3994d ago

Hey how big is the download?

TrevorPhillips3994d ago

dont knwo how big it is pal u have to check

Relcom3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

the navy blocks like every site it seems

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