Xbox 720 Devkit Specs Detailed, Includes 16-Core Processor, AMD Radeon HD 7000-series GPU

''Discrete sources have confirmed to Xbox World Magazine that Xbox 720 devkits were shipped to various developers in March, and have detailed an impressive set of specs for the next generation console.''

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mrshooter2k121962d ago

Powerhouse console confirmed if true

JonahNL1962d ago

Don't overestimate the next generation, though. Various companies have mentioned that the graphical "jump" to the next generation won't be as big as the one we had in 2005.

I hope the next generation will focus on proper multitasking. With 16 cores that's more than possible. Each core can handle a specific task.


That is cool to read. So even the multiplatform games will look phenomenal, let alone exclusive games.

limewax1962d ago

That's some serious fanboy glasses there Carlito, You really think MS will release a console weaker than the current gen.....So why would they even release one? There would be no point.

And by the way the Wii-U below PS3? Dream on, I can link you to some pages providing info showing the Wii-U is expected to be at around 6x the power of the current gen, reliable sources. But that would break you heart

Mr_cheese1962d ago

@limewax that's not going to be true. Devs have been reporting that the wiiU will offer the same graphics as a ps3 but won't be capable as much.

Ocelot5251962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

what are you talking about ? Firsly : even single core cpu's can handle multitasking (trough timesharing for example, this isn't the 80's you know)

secondly, the current gen can already do proper realtime multitasking, on the PS3 you can spread 14 threads (6 vector processors, and each one can handle 2 threads at once + the PPU) and on the 360 6 ( 3 cores, 2 threads / core).

Dante1121962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

LOL, 16 cores? I wonder how much this will retail for if true? $600-800 console confirmed.

Also from the article

"Discrete sources at GDC also confirmed to the publication that developers expect Sony’s Playstation 4 to be more powerful than the next Xbox, and that various studios are aiming to unveil their next generation software at E3 2012 in June"

Calling BS on this article. If the PS4 is gonna be powerful than this (16 is already kinda unlikey) what will it have, 32 cores and 4 GPUs lol?

MAJ0R1962d ago

SIXTEEN CORE PROCESSORS for $600-800? Try over $2,000. The i7 990x is a 6 core proccessor and it retails at around $1,000. I just refuse to believe this.

Dasteru1962d ago


That doesn't mean anything. AMD already has an 8 core CPU for $250

Also cores are only 1 small aspect of determining how powerful a CPU is. Simply having 16 cores doesn't necessarily make it more powerful than another CPU with half as many cores nor does it automatically make it more or even as expensive.

Also remember that this isn't being released til the end of 2013 based on current rumors and with the evolution of computing hardware every 4-5 months. chances are the CPU used in Durango will only cost MS about $50 per unit in bulk, If that.

NewMonday1962d ago

this could explain something:

"..Kinect 2 could chew up four whole cores tracking multiple players right down to their fingertips, so it’ll need a lot of power.”

is their a possibility the NexTBox could rune a closed version of W8? that would be one curve ball

MaxXAttaxX1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"Discrete sources at GDC also confirmed to the publication that developers expect Sony’s Playstation 4 to be more powerful than the next Xbox, and that various studios are aiming to unveil their next generation software at E3 2012 in June, regardless of whether “Microsoft and Sony are ready or not.”"

So we will be seeing next-gen games and tech demos this E3 already?
I know it's a rumour. But I also hope to see new info on next gen systems.

superrey191962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

16 core processor? I don't think so... not even $1000 pc cpu's have more than 8.


4 core Intel i7's smoke AMD's 8 core cpus.

IaMs121962d ago

i could see this coming true. Just because its 16 cores doesnt make it the best thing, it just means it can multitask very well. Its engineering, maybe this redesigned console with 16 cores may not be as fast as a 4 core CPU but it might be more efficient at handling things.

arjman1962d ago

Carlito, you're fanboy-vision shames your namesake, Carlito Caribbean Cool, you're not cool (spits apple in face).

Dasteru1962d ago

@superrey19: For general processing yes they do and that is exactly my point, More cores does not necessarily mean more powerful or more expensive.

As for gaming, it has been proven time after time that most Intel CPU's only give a slightly better performance in games, Most games simply aren't coded to fully utilize all that extra processing power. I remember when the i7 980x first came out there were some bench tests that showed it getting on average about 2-3fps better than the Phenom II 965.

meetajhu1962d ago

You got they way wrong on how multi core works. Every thread of job is evenly distributed among all the CPUs.

OccludedGamer1962d ago

is this really what were expecting? check out the price on it, how is that possible?

fr0sty1962d ago

Dante, you don't have to have more cores to be more powerful. Case in point, current 6 core PC chips are a good bit more powerful than the 8 core cell that launched in 2006 was. The reason being, Cell's cores are not full fledged processor cores, but SPUs (essentially DSP's). So, there is nothing saying that the 16 cores in this rumored chip will be full fledged cores, or that each of those cores will be all that powerful. You can't just take a number of cores and extrapolate overall power from it.

esemce1962d ago

Yeah better Ai, physics and 1080/60fps.

BattleAxe1962d ago

PS4 is definitely being designed by aliens.

decrypt1962d ago

Its called getting console gamers hyped. This has been done before only to under deliver significantly.

PS3 was supposed to play games at 1080p and 120 fps, see how accurate those statements were.

You could have a 32 core CPU, ask any PC gamer it wont make difference in games. What really makes a difference is the GPU.

All of us PC gamers know AMD makes crappy CPUs, yes they might have 8 cores however they get out performed by dual cpus from intel when it comes to games. Now if they are saying 7000series GPU, it can mean anything. It could be a 75XX - 76XX GPU, which tbh is pretty gimped.

Console gamers should really be asking for more transparency, they always tend to get fooled when it comes to hardware and specs.

DeadlyFire1962d ago

With rumors we must take this with a grain of salt. As for the 16-cores. Do they mean 16 threads or 16 cores? If 16 threads then its a 4 core - 16 threads its Power7 CPU if 16 cores then its definitely Power8 CPU. As for thread count for 16 core Power8. I expect at least 4 SMT threads per core which equates to 64 threads. Unless this means Power7 8 core times 2 for Xbox 3.

sikbeta1962d ago

16 Cores? It's a beast! Welcome home XBX3 :D

zag1962d ago

The CPU would be utter hogwash.

The 360 uses a 3 core intel CPU.

The Cell chip made by IBM is a PowerPC chip by design.

Currently intel don't make any 16 thread or even 16 core CPUs, this even goes for the server/business side.

They do make 8 core CPUs that have 16 threads but these CPUs are around $2500USD and not sold to households.

Having 2 threads per CPU isn't the same as 2 cores, and probably slows the core down as i has to deal with 2 items at the same time.

I've seen benchmarks of twin optron 8 core CPUs in 1 system with tri-crossfire setup with the fastest GPU cards at the time.

and the CPUs weren't the bottle neck it became the motherboard itself as it simply couldn't push enough data around, the CPUs never got to 100% and the GPUs never did as well.

Even when overclocked it it didn't make any difference.

When you have a multi-thread program run on win7 perm then that program is able to use all cores without any problems as it's windows that handles the threads not the program.

alas I highly doubt this xbox will have 16 threads or cores.

inveni01962d ago

I don't believe this. Unless, of course, they're using a processor like the CELL. Which would be ironic if it's true that the PS4 will be x64 based. Can anyone say "role reversal"?


I love it when a new gen is about to start and all these stories start to crop up and all these great conversations about specs and all that.

I an't got a clue about all the tech talk and specs, but it's great reading and it's me all excited!! I just can't wait for the end result, but at the same time I am not looking forward to somethings like the amount of milking and crap.

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GamingPerson1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )


ok! but more kinect is bad..

JonahNL1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

CPU's for consoles are custom made and are by far not as expensive as standard, retail CPU's that we can purchase.

NCAzrael1962d ago


There is absolutely nothing different on the manufacturing side of CPUs for consoles that makes them any more cost efficient than CPUs for PCs. If anything, the manufacturing for a console CPU is less efficient (note: I did not say more expensive, there is a difference) thanks to the fact that they don't have a mass market to ship to outside of the console manufacturer. All that "custom made" means is that they don't follow any current manufacturing specs, which means that they have to dedicate an entire fabrication line to a new architecture and get nothing out of it in return.

dark-hollow1962d ago

1- make an article about a non existent console.
2-make the "leaked" specs sounds very strong or weak to attract hits.
3-say its from a "trusted source"

vulcanproject1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Yup. a POWERPC chip with 16 cores isn't really believable either for this console- plus everyone talking about threads then they are a very distinct thing from hardware 'cores' which was clearly said in the article.

The largest and fastest Power7 is an 8 core. It does have 4 way SMT.

Developers don't want to spread their code over 16 cores and 4 times as many threads. It is fairly unrealistic to imagine a console with even a 16 core version of a POWERPC this year or even next year.

Even a custom part with that many cores does not fit into IBM's roadmap.

More cores has never always = better too. Focusing on the numbers of each core or thread versus the actual capability of such a core and CPU as a whole is a mistake.

Tr10wn1962d ago

^ yup i remember the Pentium 4 era where no ones believe in dual cores, thats impossible they said, lets lol now, Microsoft had the money to do it if they want and if they make a deal with AMD then is possible, still a rumor IMO.

vulcanproject1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

When did no one believe in dual cores in the pentium 4 era? Who said it was impossible? I would love to see you show us where you didn't just make that up Tr1own.

There had been embedded duals for a very long time BEFORE Pentium 4, and in fact it was a PowerPC, POWER4 as the first non embedded dual core, over a decade ago now- just as Pentium 4 launched.

Microsoft's money is not relevant in the case of this article, it is about IBM. Because as i pointed out, there are no single die 16 core POWERPC7 designs around to be in a devkit right now (as claimed saying the 16 core CPU, singular) and no 16 core POWERPC designs expected for at least a year....

Clearly then the idea the machine will have a 16 core POWERPC chip is rather suspect IMO. If the architecture was not specified as POWERPC then it is not impossible or unbelievable as there are other chips around. But as it is an architecture that doesn't exist right now but is apparently in devkits already then colour me suspicious.

adorie1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

lol 16 cores!?

Doubt it's true. Sounds like that is specified for devkit only and not what they will be putting out in the retail sector.