IBM Embedded Dynamic Random Access Memory in Wii-U

IBM, who is providing the E-DRAM for the Wii-U, is making it so that triple the amont of memory can be stored on one small chip. This will lead to to extreme gamplay according to IBM.

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Rage_S902415d ago

It's not so much the Ram that is the worry in the Wii U more so the CPU which seems to be it's bottleneck according to rumour.

PopRocks3592413d ago

Really. At least half of the doubtful comments I've read all demanded that the Wii U has more RAM. Well... here you go. More RAM.

Hisiru2413d ago

This is all people needs to know about your comment: bla bla bla WiiU bla bla bla ACCORDING TO RUMOUR.

CaptainN2415d ago

That's true but so many people are worried about all of Wii-U's its important they know at least some factual information like the link above.

mike1up2413d ago

You could build a WiiU from scratch right in front of their eyes, and most of these trolls would find a problem with it.

xtreampro2414d ago

What do they mean by extreme gameplay?

Ck1x2413d ago

I have to say there are some true idiots here at n4g! You are asking a legitimate question and you got disagrees... For what reason? Its just an obvious question of what do they mean by extreme gameplay? I wish all the short sighted fanboys would just ango kill themselves literally...

ChickeyCantor2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

He just wanted to sound cool.
Clearly he just meant that with this chip data can be processed fast and efficiently allowing for better performance. Thus allowing for more stuff to be done on screen and in the background.

Of course if the CPU matches with it. (And I dont see why Nintendo would pay for a chip they can't fully utilize). So that's certainly a yes.

Ihaa2414d ago

The CPU is defiantly not the bottleneck. It has a Power7 which has 4 cores and 4 threads PER CORE. Thats 16 things running at the same time! Its faster than the i7 cpu's and those are used to test high end cards because they don't bottleneck. So a even faster CPU will definatly not bottleneck the GPU.

turgore2413d ago

So we need a good: CPU, GPU and enough RAM. Until now, most of it is speculation.

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