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Submitted by vortis 1336d ago | news

Capcom Responds To BBB Complaints: No Distinction Between DLC And Disc-Locked Content

Gaming Blend "After consumers filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau regarding Capcom's latest antics, the company actually responded to some of these complaints and their response has always been the same: There's no distinction between downloadable content and disc-locked content. In other words, expect to get screwed some more in future releases." (BBC, Capcom, Industry, PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Xbox 360)

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Kamikaze135  +   1336d ago
So basically there is no difference between locking out content that's been completed for months or developing later on and charging for it. Fantastic, Capcom.
Yi-Long  +   1336d ago
You KNOW Capcom will screw you over...
... so just vote with your wallet.

I NEVER buy any of their games on day 1 for full price. Just wait for a 'complete' release, IF you're even still interested in the game by then.

It's not like Capcom is still making brilliant must-have games anyway.
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grailly  +   1336d ago
yeah, buying on release date is most of the time a mistake. I bought mass effect 3 two days ago for 22£ new.

on topic:
What capcom says, is, from a business stand point true... if they developed content with the intent of selling it as DLC putting it or not on the disk does not change anything. They would not have developed that content if they weren't going to sell it separately. When the content is done and where it is stored should not have any importance, if anything they are saving the consumer the download...

i'll admit it feels really wrong towards the consumer, though. The truth is, capcom should be working harder on how this information gets out to us.
HammockGames  +   1336d ago
Agree w/ Yi-Long.

Wait for the "Mega Super Ultimate Gold Edition" of whatever game Capcom is selling and you'll avoid most DLC charges.

Unfortunately, that may mean waiting until like the 3rd edition of a given game * cough * SF4 * cough * but we all know it's coming. Capcom - on disc DLC or not - never intends the first release to be complete or even able to become complete (designed obsolescence).

Sad. Predictable. And ridiculous.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1336d ago
Don't buy their games, but remember; dopes will always buy stuff with "resident evil" or "Street Fighter" on them.

Keep filing complaints with the BBB. Eventually they will be noticed and suffer the consequences for their practices.
hay  +   1336d ago
After three SF4s, two RE5s, two MvCs it's should be obvious to wait. But from Capcoms point of view, it's huge revenew boost for them, so it's worth to continue this business model.

If there wouldn't be demand, there wouldn't be supply. People buy this stuff, hence it'll continue.

I'm not defending Capcom. I hate what they do. But untill all most of us realize what's going on, it won't change.
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Boody-Bandit  +   1336d ago
This is a broken record of hypocrisy on sites like this that is completely out of control. You want to thumb your nose at Capcom, GREAT. But only do so if you are doing the same for nearly every other developer in the industry since they are ALL doing it.

Most top franchise titles have DLC created along side of the games themselves. At nearly every game show when new games are announced the developer talks about their DLC plans months, sometimes years, before the game is released.

The only thing Capcom is doing differently is cutting out the middle man (Sony & Microsofts XBL & PSN) that charges them for uploading it to their services and it DOES save space on our hard drives. So you should be equally frustrated with Sony and MS for the cost they charge the devs & publishers.

Also what is all this BS blathering about them releasing SFIV, SSFIV, SFIVAE, RE5 RE5G, etc? How is that any different than GOTY, Ultimate or Complete editions (ex: the latest 2 that come to mind Dirt 3 & Mortal Kombat) that a ton of other developers are also doing a year (give or take a few months) after the release of their titles? It isn't. These devs and publishers are laughing their asses off the way to the bank and have been since this crap started.

You people, the media, members of gaming forums and sites like this are aiming down the sites at Capcom. Again, that's fine, BUT do it to all of them are you are ALL hypocrites.

DLC has been completely out of control this entire generation and although we may ALL be fed up with it? For every one of us hating on it there are hundreds that can't wait to pull out their wallets and buy it. Dont you guys remember Kotick (CEO of Activison) and the remarks he made regarding DLC? Exactly.

All DLC that requires payment SUCK. With that I agree, but trying to categorize them under the level of absurdity, is well, absurd. IT ALL SUCKS! I feel most DLC should be a perk (FREE) for purchasing their titles in the first place.

One last thing. I know a ton of gamers. Most of which all complain about DLC saying they refuse to buy it for game X and guess what happens? Yup, they buy it. That is why these rapist (Devs n Publishers) are now and will always get away with it.

Edit: Pound disagree until your fingers bleed but do so by proving me wrong that ALL devs and publishers are not milking the gamer dry with planned DLC, season passes and any other way they can garner more $ from the consumer after we purchase their games. You can't. I'm 100% spot on with what I wrote so you are disagreeing out of ignorance.
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VanillaBear  +   1335d ago

Totaly agree man

Can we PLEASE do this with RE6

Were smart guys, we know deep down that RE is still going towards action and the COD crowd and they've totaly overdone everything in RE6, building onto the complaints instead of getting rid of them (Co-op, action, chapter select, smart enemies that can hold guns). We all know that it won't be RE and if we keep buying the games they'll think it's fine to screw over their loyal RE fanbase for new fans who probably don't even give a crap about the franchise, plus we know DLC we be on the disc somewhere.

Not buying RE6 day 1 would hurt Capcom.....A LOT

But your still going to get idiots giving Capcom what they want.
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Rainstorm81  +   1335d ago
@ brutally honest

DLC isnt the problem, some companies like rockstar or bethesda actually does it right, and the DLC actually feels like and extension of the game and not content extracted from the game for the sake of having DLC.

The problem is the DLC that rapes gamers just for the sake of lining CEOs pockets.

Honestly i have a gripe with all companies that paticipate in the "Milking DLC" and i just dont buy it
Boody-Bandit  +   1335d ago
Exactly my point Raiinstorm.
Most devs have been doing this all generation and Capcom did it with SFIV, SSFIV and RE5 but NOW it's a problem. Why now? Why wasn't it made such a big deal out of with past iterations of their games? Where is the uproar with Activision, Epic, EA, DICE, etc and so on?

Just look at the articles about COD Elite service. I remember more people defending, significantly more, than upset over it. Now a lot of devs are doing season passes. Look at Forza 4. That season pass does not cover all DLC for the game. How pathetic is that? Although I will say some diehard Forza fans on claim that is the main reason why F4 is not selling as well as F3 did. If only that trend would continue with all devs that milk their DLC to death.

Seriously, DLC (ALL nickel and diming) is completely out of control and it's getting worse. All I am saying is I want to see this same out rage with ALL developers that milk DLC to death before the game is released and months after. The problem is, like I pointed out, we are in the extreme minority. Most will pull out their wallets like sheep and purchase what ever these greedy devs and publishers throw their way. They know this, thrive on it and it's not going to change any time soon if ever.

Personally I think it's going to get much worse. Some of my friends have turned that backs on gaming because of these practices. I honestly don't blame them. Some of this DLC with certain titles and the way it's implemented, segregates games. Leaving friends disconnected from parties because of what DLC they do or do not own.

I have zero issue with any one complaining about DLC, I think it SUCKS TOO, but my problem is where was the out rage this whole generation? Weren't people paying attention to past games from Capcom?

I see more people defend this trash (DLC, Season passes, pay to play online subscriptions, etc), other than Capcom, than attack it. All I am saying is keep it going on don't aim your sites on one being worse than the other.

And I do agree with you, certain devs get it right and I don't mind paying them for their DLC.
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Lucretia  +   1336d ago
@Graily, You know your right.

and while we consumers can just say (Why dont they just keep it off the disc and make everyone download it so it doesnt look so shady?) they won't do that because of money. psn charges for every MB doownloaded i think, so imagine that price hit on them.

BUT, i would love to see a bunch of in-game unlockables, there arent even any unlockable costumes in games anymore, its all dlc
j-blaze  +   1336d ago
guess what! if the DLCs wasn't on the disc you will get the exact same DLC later and you will download and waste some free space on your hdd awesome huh 一_一 ...and please don't say they ripped content off the disc to sell later who knows they probably planned and made the DLC while making the's all business and the consumer have the choice whether or not to buy the product.

on disc or's not a big deal


@ Yi-Long

"I NEVER buy any of their games on day 1 for full price"

i'm pretty sure you will buy Dragon's Dogma and RE6 day 1 !
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hulk_bash1987  +   1335d ago
Listen you lemming, no matter how u look at it disc locked/cut dlc for the sole purpose of making a profit is a shady business practice and shud not be excused no matter what the circumstance. And as much as i am looking forward to re6 later this year, if capcom pulls some "vs mode re5" bullsh!t I ain't givin' them any of my money.
vortis  +   1335d ago
hulk_bash is right, you're a lemming if you don't see the harm in this practice, and if you don't work for Capcom you're a very poor excuse for a gamer. In fact, you're an anti-gamer.

I refuse to believe anyone with common sense would see this as "not a big deal".

Every game during the PS2 era gave us great value for our dollar and EVERYTHING Capcom is charging us for locked away on the disc used to be unlockable by playing the freaking game.

I can see why you have one bubble and honestly, you really don't even deserve that.
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hulk_bash1987  +   1336d ago
F@ck Crapcom and their shady business morals.
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Smashbro29  +   1336d ago
How many more times must this be explained? They will sell what they will sell at least this way they aren't lying and its easier on us.

Also, its another team that works on DLC with a totally different budget so yes, they didn't have time to fix the 360 pair play issue. I'm positive the team would if they were given more money but they aren't working for free.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1336d ago
-reads Smashbro's comment-

Related video
grailly  +   1336d ago
understanding economics and business dynamics isn't an easy task when surrounded by haters lol.
Yi-Long  +   1336d ago
Screwing over your customers...
... is never really a good businessmodel when we're talking long-term.

Short-term, yeah it has it's benefits, but more and more gamers are catching on and will refuse to buy such games for full-price.

DLC has made me spend less on those games and it's developers, cause I now refuse to buy those at full price, and at times I even lose interest in the game completely so I won't even pick it up a year later when it's 20 bucks and including all the DLC, cause I already moved on.
grailly  +   1336d ago
and you're right to react this way, if you're not happy don't buy. I hate people that buy, then complain.

but that's not the point that kyosuke_sanada was making. the problem is that capcom fails to see that their audience feels screwed over. They don't see the difference between releasing dlc on the disc or later via download, because business-wise it's the SAME. That content was developed to be sold separately and would never have existed otherwise.

for all we know every DLC is ready before release of the disc game and companies just put them for download later, it's just the public relations that are better in those cases.
ThatArtGuy  +   1336d ago
I wouldn't use Reggie as the main picture for this article. One thing that Nintendo HASN'T done this gen is milk DLC. That's definitely something I can respect them for.
xPhearR3dx  +   1336d ago
You're right. Instead, they milk the shit out of their franchises from 20 years ago.
ChickeyCantor  +   1336d ago
But that's milk that hasn't gone sour.
25+ years isn't an easy job.

Like it or not, their IP might be reused, the software is still top-notch.
Preference is a different topic.
xPhearR3dx  +   1336d ago

It went sour a long time ago.

According to critics Mario for example is still top-notch and sells millions. Critics also say COD is still top-notch and it continues to sell millions. The name sells the game, not the software itself. Look at the Pokemon games. They're still the same damn game they were 10 years ago and it still sells millions.
kanetheking  +   1336d ago

pokemon is not the same game from 10 years ago if you think that your being silly.
ronin4life  +   1335d ago
I thought the exact same thing. ^_^;
-GametimeUK-  +   1336d ago
I just don't support Capcom.
I'm not trying to be part of a huge protest and mass boycott. I just simply don't like their antics and shady ways. It doesn't bother me that much if I'm being completely honest since I'm not the biggest Capcom fan in the first place, but I do feel for all the fans who support them and feel betrayed. If a game supports these cheap tactics I simply either don't get the DLC or don't buy the game in the first place. There is no shortage on games I have yet to play and deserve my attention more than Capcoms titles.
Godmars290  +   1336d ago
"While Capcom has been behind some popular titles as a publisher, this blatant disregard for consumer value basically lets us know that they're in it to win it, and consumer satisfaction obviously isn't the prize."

All that tells me is to not support them. Not to pirate, but not to buy first day or maybe even first year. Sure as hell don't waste money on DLC.
stubbed_out  +   1336d ago
Pirate the DLC!
fei-hung  +   1336d ago
DLC is one issue, but then u have multiple versions of the same game e.g


Surely they will do the same with SF v Tekken and sell DLC in between as well.

Whilst most games have a training mode, Crapcom packages the training mode as a frigging "Challange mode". Where other games give free alternative costumes and colours, Crapcom charges for all of them.

I love Street Fighter games, but since my purchase of SSF4, I won't bother buying a game until a definitive version has been released in the future.
tiffac008  +   1336d ago
Don't forget Marvel vs Capcom 3 and then Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, 9 months later!

They didn't even wait a year for the next edition on that one.
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kanetheking  +   1336d ago
they did that with the 2nd street fighter.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix,Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting,Street Fighter II: Champion Edition,they have always been doing this we been lucky only to get three ss4's.
kent80082007  +   1336d ago
Capcom is just about the least credible publisher on the planet.

Remember how they said RE4 was exclusive to the NGC (Nintendo Gmae Cube)? Well now we can play it on ps2, ps3, 360, pc, wii, and even the iOS, just about anything you can play games on really, and who can forget about those golden editions, platinum editions and complete director's cut editions?

Capcom is a disgrace to the industry
ChickeyCantor  +   1336d ago
"Remember how they said RE4 was exclusive to the NGC (Nintendo Gmae Cube)? "

The RE4 creator wanted it on gamecube only and therefor said it. Then the Heads at capcom decided to make a PS2 port. He was angered and disappointed.
kent80082007  +   1336d ago
Wiki quote

The Capcom Five is a set of five video games unveiled by Capcom in late 2002 and published from March 2003. At a time when Nintendo's GameCube console had failed to capture market share, Capcom announced five new GameCube titles with the apparent goal of boosting hardware sales and showing off third-party developer support. Capcom USA followed up with confirmation that they would be exclusive to the GameCube. The five games were P.N.03, Viewtiful Joe, Dead Phoenix, Resident Evil 4 and Killer7.

Of the five games, Dead Phoenix was canceled and only P.N.03 retained its status as a GameCube exclusive, though it was a critical and commercial failure

So yeah, the guys at capcom are dickheads
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ferelinstincts  +   1336d ago
rockabroni  +   1336d ago
Wow. The more I come to this sight or any other,all I see is a bunch of crying gamers on how they have been treated poorly or been betrayed in some way. Get the hell over yourselves. It doesnt matter if its disk-locked content or downloadeable most dlc is made even before the games are released.
Its really upsetting to see gamers acting like this.From being pissed off about ME3 ending to Dantes new look to stupid stuff in between.If you dont like something then dont buy it!! its that simple.Companies still have to make money regardless of what alot of people may think.So many have closed their doors already.
So lets all complain about this or that because we are gamers and we have the right..right? just dont be suprised when one day that"we the gamers" drive this industry into the ground and we are left playing chess or checkers by ourselves at the kitchen table.Anyone hear about the gaming crash in the early 80's. Look it up.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1336d ago
DLC - Downloadable Content

How can something be DLC if it is already on the damn disk?

Wouldn't it be On Disk Locked Content or something? Such disks should come with the warning not all content on disc is accessible.
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1336d ago
I keep saying that the only way to stop disc locked content is a law change. Well informed people boycotting games won't make a notable difference (but by all means carry on, it's a good thing to do) because for every 1 person that doesn't buy it, 10 uninformed people will. It needs to be illegal to lock any data on a disc for later sale.

However the result of this would be ripping content off the disc to sell later, which would have to be tackled afterwards, but at least it is progress.
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vortis  +   1335d ago

I can't believe there are so many corporate shills on this site supporting Capcom "It's just a business".

Those idiots make me sick. They have no idea how misinforming the masses makes the industry worse in the long run. They probably won't care until Capcom ships their jobs to Indonesia for $1 an hour, just like what EA did recently with that guy who was a viral marketer for them.
GribbleGrunger  +   1336d ago
if DLC is on the disk then it's not DLC it's completed content that's been deliberately blocked from the user to make money. DLC should be extra content that is added over time to keep the fans happy. if this trend continues, i can see a time when you only get one gun in a FPS and you have to pay to unlock the others... sounds stupid, but that's the direction it's going
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1336d ago | Intelligent
Reply to rockabroni and graily-

You are acting like a crash is a bad thing nowadays. The reason why the crash happened because consumers wised up and didn't buy into over saturation of terrible games by every company wanting a piece of the pie. However, a diamond was forged in the flames of the gamer/corporation war called the Nintendo Entertainment System which learned from the mistakes of its predecessors by actually creating quality titles.

The same is happening to DLC. The amount of DLC offered from pre-order bonuses, day-one packages and the others are enough to sink a space cruiser nowadays to the point where expansion packs are almost non-existent.

The average consumer believes that they help in increasing the longevity but wasn't that the reason behind unlockables from end game bonuses or skillful tasks of last generation?

This leads to the other problem with games today, trophies and achievements which are harmless by themselves but it's the way developers are using them that is foul. In the beginning, they were a great addition to make us play our favourite games even longer than we have planned because of the cohesion of achievements, abundant game content and the above mentioned unlock bonuses gave plenty of reasons to cherish titles from yesteryear. However, game developers are using that as the sole reason of relay value due to the praise its received allowing them to not only make much shorter games which leaves players wanting more but to create a bridge to nickle and dime us every step of the way.

I'm sure there are plenty of gamers who are fed up so don't buy games from certain companies. Problem is the modern gaming community is much larger due to it going mainstream which still equals out too many people who still support cheap tactics by corporations because of misinformation by the crappy as hell gaming journalism as of late. If Capcom or EA was so carefree of their plans then why haven't they announced that their content are already on the disc during their commercials or gaming magazines telling consumers that they are really paying for unlock codes. If that was to happen, game sales were plummet due to the backlash.

So in the end a crash maybe the only for corporations to realize they should never bite the hand that feeds it and if I know that another company similar to Nintendo will rise from the ashes to give consumers what they want, I would gladly play backgammon for a year or two to make it happen.
#14 (Edited 1336d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kaos_Vll  +   1335d ago
vortis  +   1335d ago
Totally agreed. Well said, intelligent post. Bubbles.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1335d ago
Stop buying their games for fuck sake.. vote with your wallet
glopez  +   1335d ago
Everyone defending capcom must have started gaming this generation. It use to be that when you bought your disk or cartridge you got everything on it. Nothing was locked out. Today though "oh its just business." If i buy something i expect to get everything i paid for, everything on the disk. As more time passes, the more i think about the movie idioracracy. There's to many stupid people breeding and that's gonna lead us down a terrible path!!!
vortis  +   1335d ago
I love how this stealth, pro-Capcom troll is giving all the intelligent posts disagrees.

If this person was ever found out they'd deserve a facepalm strong enough to be a slap.
NYC_Gamer  +   1335d ago
These companies aren't our friends they view us as walking profit and we better remember that
DwightOwen  +   1335d ago
Jesus, just quit buying their games, people. It's not like they're actually any good to begin with.
neogeo  +   1335d ago
ok capcom then just sell all your games half price.
deletingthis34675334  +   1335d ago
As long as the masses lap it up Capcom will be Capcom. Stop buying their games if you don't want to get screwed. Starve the beast and he will learn to hunt again.

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