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Journey boasts amazing visuals, a minimalist narrative, and a co-op experience that we should see more of in the contemporary videogame world.

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TheSleepyGamer1948d ago

So much hype for this game right now. Still not completely convinced on whether I should check it out though.

The review did paint a nice picture that backs up a lot of what I've heard.

ginsunuva1948d ago

You don't need any reason to play this game. JUST BUY IT!

This is a game which you must immediately buy without worrying, and then think about everything else after you see it.

So yeah, Sleepy, just buy it now. Don't try to convince yourself to get it - just do it

pat_11_51948d ago

If I owned a PS3, I'd be all over this game.

But unfortunately I don't....

pangitkqb1948d ago

I think i'll by Journey tonight.

AIndoria1948d ago

Indeed. The game is excellent. I might consider buying all the games from this developer, to be honest. I am quite impressed.

execution171948d ago

ah yes finally getting paid and I can finally pick this up later on after class :D

xhedleyx1948d ago

I'm in the same boat, I really want the game. I just don't own PS3....

wordupagain1948d ago

The beta was real good and I've heard nothing but good things on the full game so I'll probably get it soon.

deadalready1948d ago

I've played through it at least 4 times since it came out. Definitely worth it.