Pixelitis - Mass Effect 3 review

Pixelitis: The Mass Effect series is the first of its kind. Sure, gaming has seen half a billion of trilogies over it's short lifespan, but none have been so customized to the individual player experience as BioWare's sci-fi epic. Mass Effect 3 is the accumulation of dozens of choices made by the player over the course of two games, five years and upwards of 75 hours of gameplay (if you take your time).

In other words, no other franchise in gaming history has had as such a buildup to the third and final chapter. It's not what happens to Commander Shepard that makes this game a big deal; it's what happens to your Commander Shepard that makes Mass Effect 3 a special game.

Mass Effect 3 begins with Vancouver (a Canadian city!) getting destroyed by the Reapers. You know, those half-synthetic half-organic gigantic machines that harvest organic DNA to create more of themselves. During their attack, Shepard hops onto the Normandy SR2 and blasts off into space to unite the races of th...

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