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Submitted by TheGOODKyle 1433d ago | opinion piece

Proof Mass Effect 3 Endings Were Indoctrinations writes "Mass Effect 3's endings were disappointing to many for more reasons than one. One of our members has an excellent video behind the "true" ending and is gaining support by the minute. Check out the video below and tells us what you think in the comments." (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Double_Oh_Snap  +   1433d ago
This, people happy with the ending lol there not even real.
Chuk5  +   1433d ago
So this random guy's theories (as intresting as they are) are now fact?
TheGOODKyle  +   1433d ago
Even I don't think this is fact. I'm just using what the game gave me. Also, there's more stuff about the kid's voice, the dreams, etc. It's all very complicated to regurgitate here. But on the Bioware forums they are livid.
Chuk5  +   1433d ago
I think the video makes good points. All this discussion of the ending reminds me of the massive discussion around Limbo's ending. However, it's Hollowtipz comment that I take issue with.They're pretty much saying people are foolish for believing that the ending was real.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   1433d ago
read it and weep facts buudy
JaredH  +   1433d ago
I don't think the title of the article should have a maybe massive spoiler. I guess


But yeah this ending makes the most sense to me since I learned about it a couple days ago but if it's real isn't this just going to add fuel to the fire for hating Bioware, EA and DLC since the actual ending will be probably be released as DLC then. Like it'll make people happy but just as many will be mad...
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crxss  +   1432d ago
so basically Shepard's just waking after being the reaper hits him after he breaks from indoctrination? makes sense but that means he still has to reach the conduit after he gets up. it also means that Bioware delivered us a game without an actual ending?? and they were going to give us one through DLC?? that just adds more fuel to the fire for Bioware/EA being DLC $$$ wh0res.
Raf1k1  +   1432d ago
This theory isn't fact at all but IMO this theory turns an otherwise kind of crappy ending into something so much better. It still wouldn't be the everyone lives happily ever after ending we wanted but it's certainly interesting.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1432d ago
What does indocrtination mean? I have heard it multiple times in Me3, and I looked up the definition, but it escapes my understanding, anyone want to clarify?
Coolmanrico  +   1432d ago
@ Nimblest-Assassin
From what I got from the in game journal, indoctrination mean that the reapers has planted a thought into your head and is slowly trying to take control of your mind. The victim is mostly unaware of it.
Aloren  +   1432d ago
If this is true (and it looks like it could be, from the points in this video, and some others like the different voices the boy take etc), it could be a very interesting ending.

Now, what would be pure genius, is if Bioware actually planned to enrage everyone with this ending for 2 or three weeks (with all the risks it implies from a business perspective) before releasing a surprise and free "Live to fight another day" DLC with the final chapter of the game. Now, that's wishful thinking obviously, but it would go down in history as the greatest "coup" in a video game. Just imagine the impact on the fans... just like waking up from a bad dream. If oyu have to pay for it it would still be a coup, but it would also still be a bad dream.

And BTW, bioware are awfully silent about this, I mean absolutly no reaction, no usual speech about their fans, etc, that has to mean something...
donator  +   1432d ago
Whatever endings/theories people believe in is their choice. I understand people are upset and are actively looking to salvage the endings by supporting alternative endings/theories. But some of these things I think are desperate grasping at straws.

1. Wasn't wearing armor: Maybe Bioware found it easier/cheaper to make one damaged armor model than for each set/piece of armor.

2. Infinite ammo: Lots of games do this where they give you infinite ammo for set pieces in case you waste ammo. If you were like me, you tried shooting the kid. What if you ran out of ammo? You can't destroy the reaper tube thing then.

3. Running shadow animation versus slow walk. Could just be because of the engine or the way they process shadows. If you played Dead Island and looked at your shadow, it looks really weird (exampe:

Whoops, meant to post in reply to HOLLOWTIPZ's theory.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1432d ago
Whats funny is I really think Bioware will use this indoctrination theory in some DLC to make it an ending. I bet they didnt even think about it nor do they care. All they care about is money.
ljh217  +   1432d ago
One massive plothole for me was how the hell did liara get back on the normandy at the end.
Aloren  +   1432d ago
The normandy crash scene looks like a dream imo. If the endoctrination theory happens to be true, it could very well be Harbinger's attempt to give some rest to Shepard, you know, the whole "and your friends crashed and lived happily ever after in the garden of eden, so now will you die already ?" and then the catalyst would say "leave harbinger alone !! leave him alone ! I'm serious !"
Ryan74468426   1432d ago | Spam
Double_Oh_Snap  +   1433d ago
People in every article agreeing with nonsense. SPOILERS SPOILERS I will be discussing endings below.

Ok someone needs to tell you why people are pissed and I guess it's me. So your happy with the ending are you? Well news flash you've been played by bioware.

Now I will explain SPOILERS The so called end of ME3 is not the end. If Anderson was vaporized by Harby which is clearly seen how do I see him? How do I have Unlimited ammo? How did I get to the citadel? comm said nobody made it, and if Anderson didn't get vaporized then how did he get to the counsel before me there's only one way? Why does the illusive man appear eaper like all of a sudden?

Isn't everything you see oddly similar to previous games? TIM shooting himself, the human corpses, and shepards fear of being controlled since ME2. Why does the GOD/CHILD tell me things I know and doesn't explain the things I don't. If the reapers kill us so we don't make synthetics that will always kill us. Then what was me uniting the quarians and the geth, and If i'm the first organic there how does the GOD/CHILD know what happens when I activate the crucible? It's never been made before only a blueprint for thousands of years. Heres the defining moment you know it was a dream, I chose destroy blew up citadel, mass relays and all but I awoke on earth in my ending. Now I purpose this theory.
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Double_Oh_Snap  +   1433d ago
1. The endgame scenario is Indoctrination/Manipulation from the Reapers (Harbinger) trying to force you into choosing to let the Reapers live. Shepard is not awake during the final sceens!

2. Choosing to control the Reapers allows them to live. Reapers win. They will still exist.

3. Choosing to combine organic and synthetic life: Reapers win. They will still exist.

4. Choosing to destroy all synthetic life: Reapers loose. Shepard lives. Reapers die.

5. Choosing to destroy all synthetic life option is more Renegade in appearence. Controlling the Reapers is more Paragon in appearence. The Illusive Man's choice should not be Paragon colors, just as Anderson's choice should not be Renegade.

6. Shepard awakes at the end of destroying Reapers. But Shepard is not awaking from the aftermath. He is awaking from either after he is hit by Harbingers lazer attack on Earth or after the scene with Anderson and the Illusive Man.

7. Stating that all sythetic life will be destroyed will give you pause; destroying the Geth can force you to a different conclusion. This choice exists for the illusion of choice; the other choices are ment to sound better.

8. Shepard does not awake in the other 2 "endings" because you are fully indoctrinated by the choices you made to allow the Reapers to win. "Assuming Control!"

9. Never trust any child construct, be it a ghost or artificial intelligence, or heck even human. They are just creepy.

10. Shepard awakes at the end because he has broken hold of the Reaper's control.

11. Shepard has spent alot of time around Reapers. Soveriegn, various Reaper artifacts, the Human Reaper, 2 Reaper destroyers, the Artifact from "The Arrival." Its foolish to assume there is not some level of

12. Bioware not only get more $$$ for DLC for the final battle, but big props for INDOCTRINATING A LOT OF ITS OWN PLAYERS! I do not know of another gaming company that has tried to fool all of its consumers, but they look to be the first and reap all of the attention.

13. Definitions:

Catalyst =
One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences

A severe test, as of patience or belief; a trial. See Synonyms at trial.

14. Shepard is not wearing his armor when he wakes up in the Citadel, implying that this is a dream.

Deklan_Caine wrote...

I have a couple of observations to contribute to the theory that it doesn't seem like others have caught (apologies if someone else caught these already and I missed it...):
jony_dols  +   1433d ago
Also back in February Bioware stated that they had 'a really good DLC plan for Mass Effect 3, like we had for Mass Effect 2, so there will be new adventures and new things to do. Then, beyond that, we’ll just have to wait and see.”'

Sounds a lot like a continuation of the SP campaign.
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donator  +   1432d ago
Can you clarify some things for me:

I chose to destroy the reapers, but because my effective military strength was only 2500 or so, my Shepard supposedly died. According to the indoctrination theory, what happens next? I obviously don't wake up in the London rubble or in the Citadel.

And if everything was a dream after Harbinger hit me with his laser. Uh, then what? I go into the citadel for real in the DLC? And make the real decision there?
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Aloren  +   1432d ago
IMO what matter is that the endgame save is just before the last mission, and not after. It makes sense in a way (since you're dead), but why would they give you a possibility to restart the last mission ? probably because you'll have to when the DLC is out... that way you can also build up your military strength.
NeloAnjelo  +   1432d ago
Although I would like to believe this I'll wait for Bioware to confirm it. A few things to note though...

Point 9 is unnecessary...

Shepard's Armour could have been burnt off after the red reaper beam. The armour could have kept him alive.
Finally, not everyone saw Shepard alive after the choice to destroy the reapers.
--Onilink--  +   1432d ago
Well if shepards armor was incinerated, how the hell did anderson survive with just a few bruises when he was just wearing a shirt??
NeloAnjelo  +   1432d ago
No one knows how Anderson got there. That's the point. We never see him get hit by the reaper beam. I am all for the theory above, and would prefer it to be an indoctrination. However, the evidence so far isn't compelling enough. It's just a theory... a good theory at that. I am content with the ending. Not happy or disappointed, and if true then hats off to Bioware.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   1433d ago
15) As soon as Shepherd "wakes up" after being blasted by the Reaper laser, he's limping. If, as you're playing, you try to look/aim down at Shep's feet, you can't. The view angle get's blocked so that you can't see below his/her knees. If you watch the pace of the legs moving, though, it becomes really obvious that Shepherd is moving considerably faster than he is actually walking, almost floating as it were. At first when I noticed this in the my second play-though I just figured it was designed that way because making Shepherds speed the same as his walk would make the last moments in the game take 3 times longer (and it already seemed to take forever). But if we're rolling with the hallucination/indoctrination theory, then the fact that he's practically floating on his feet just adds more fuel to the fire...

16) The line Harbinger repeated over and over in ME2 was that the Reapers would be "your salvation through destruction." Well, the synthesis and control options are literally salvation for the galaxy through Shep's destruction, buying into a compliance mindset. The only option that leaves Shep breathing is to destroy the Reapers, which has been the point since ME1. All the evidence points to the last sequence being a battle for Shepards mind that is only won when Shep chooses the path that the god-kid tries to convince him not to take.
--Onilink--  +   1433d ago
you can add another one, i chose EDI as my partner for the final mission, she was running with my toward the beam when everyone was killed, but if i choose the Synthesis option, she somehow shows up with Joker at the end as if she had been on the normandy all along when she would have died at Earth
swice  +   1433d ago
Dude? Spoilers in the headline? Am I the only one that sees this?? What the fuck?
TheGOODKyle  +   1433d ago
lol you are 100% right
--Onilink--  +   1433d ago
well the title itself should give you a heads up
krazykombatant  +   1432d ago
No shit thats the point...
swice  +   1431d ago
No. The title IS the spoiler. Not OK
vikingland1  +   1432d ago
Thats right the headline is so screwed up they nee to watch what the f#@k they put as a headline on a game thats only been out a week.
Software_Lover  +   1433d ago
There should've been an ending...............
Where you just couldn't stop the reapers and they continue the cycle, and they force you to watch your friends become part of the Reapers. Then you, of course, get grinded up and put into a reaper but you still put up a fight and take over that said reaper (think skyline the movie). But the reaper fleet doesn't know it. During the next cycle (mass effect 4) you find a way to communicate with someone from the current top species and warn them. You somehow help them in the end destroy you and the reapers for good.
Bay  +   1433d ago
This video actually gives me hope that the endings really were indoctrinations, and that we'll see some kind of DLC or continuation in the future.
--Onilink--  +   1433d ago
****SPOILERS AHEAD (if you care about spoilers you shouldnt even be in this article anyway)*******

well i just finished the game and honestly i am really inclined to agree with this, and if its not something like this, then something went wrong when bioware was making the endings because there are a lot of plotholes, basically the same ending for all, with just minor changes. Some things really dont make sense like what he says, why would the Illusive Man look like the Paragon option and Anderson the Renegade??

Above all, its not that the ending was that bad, its just that it really doesnt give me any type of closure. I really put effort in the past 2 games to make Sheppard a good guy with perfect paragon endings and in the end its pretty much for nothing??

I wanted to destroy the reapers and keep all the alliances i made, see the Quarians and Geth together in Rannoch, the Krogan free of the Genophage, the assari and Turian rebuilding their worlds, see what happened to all my squadmates, and i wanted a happy ending for my Sheppard and Miranda...

it might feel like im robbed if bioware releases "truer" endings later as DLC, but i would actually buy them, i want a proper closure to everything i've done in the past 3 games
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SeraphimBlade  +   1433d ago
An interesting theory. For the sake of argument:

-the kid is obviously "taken" from Shepard's mind, but we've seen Protheans (or their VIs) and Asari do all kinds of things with people's minds to extract and analyze memories. No indoctrination or dream required. I suppose the question is was the kid's form "taken" or did Shepard "lend" it that form. The kid, to me, represents the future that Shepard hopes to save, and here is the choice to decide that future in front of him

- I'm pretty sure there IS some kind of barrier in that space... like he points out people have said so I'll just shut my trap.

-On Shepard "not acting himself." Just saying I noticed him speaking a LOT more on his own in this game, compared to the last two. Hate to say it, but that COULD have just been lazy writing. Seriously, my first reaction when he mentioned the synthesis option was "No, Kid, seriously, what the f*** does that even mean?"

-If the kid is a VI of some sort (which I think), then him disappearing as you shoot the wires and stuff is probably because you're shooting HIS wires and stuff.

-So do the reapers "succeed" if Shepard tries to control them or synthesize? Then why does that epilogue with the "Stargazer" play each time?

In argument for it:
-The way indoctrination has worked with both Saren AND the Illusive man is making the victim believe that he has a choice and still has free will, but that helping the Reapers is the best option available. Simply enslaving a mind is exactly what people like them and Shepard would fight against. Giving Shepard a choice like this makes sense. Don't know if it was all a dream per se, but I am willing to believe that was some kind of indoctrination attempt.
OdinX  +   1433d ago
Some valid points, but about the stargazer. That's obviously many years later when there's some sort of peace and/or resolution on some planet. If you listen to the conversation, it goes something like this:
Kid: 'Did that really happen?"
Old Man: 'Well...many of the details were lost to time.'

It can be assumed that whatever happens, the safety of the galaxy is, in some way, assured. However, It seems pretty obvious that Shepard's story is in fact that, a story, being told. All the details are pretty much told how the characters perceive it; the players are not omniscient, we only know how much Shepard and the characters around him/her know.
Pintheshadows  +   1432d ago
I assumed the planet which your crew land on in the Normandy is the same as the one with the father and child. It's just a very very long time after they have began a new civilisation with Shepard as an almost godlike figure. The moons seem to match up.

It would make sense if the relays are gone and I think the planet signifies a new beginning for the galaxy.

I'm still convinced that everything after Shepardgets thrown against the bench at the start of the game never actually happens.
OdinX  +   1432d ago
It doesn't make sense; when the Normandy crashed onto the planet, we can assume that they're the only species on it. If this is the case, they would have to reproduce amongst each other since they're effectively cut off from the rest of the galaxy...that's a lot of babies. @_@
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Pintheshadows  +   1432d ago
How do you think we got to where we are today?
jrbeerman11  +   1432d ago
My argument about stargazer, is that it could be next cycle. Liara left her own beacon in case they didnt make it.

We dont know what species stargazer is.
Megaton  +   1433d ago
People give BioWare too much credit. If they do come out and say this is all true, I'd bet money that they just rolled with it after seeing so many people talking about it, pretending they had planned it all along.
--Onilink--  +   1433d ago
and i wouldnt care, just as long as i get some proper endings
jrbeerman11  +   1432d ago
Im cool with that, better than saying the endings are straightforward. Tricky and deceit is the only way the vague endings make sense, especially with all those plotholes in last 5 minutes alone.

I however dont want it to be dream, i just want destroy to be only good ending and other two being reapers win. Indoctrination without dreaming.
militant07  +   1432d ago
I noticed something very important, when you move in the dream he gets through out the game you'll see ashes in the wind, EXACTLY same when he wake up after being hit by the repears but nothing before it!.

/watch?v=rLwZxUeJzK0 (dream)

/watch?v=bek7_KAvyj8 (after waking up [low quality, sadly]).
Ashunderfire86  +   1433d ago
Shoot maybe that's why Bioware said to keep your copies of Mass Effect 3. Could be a expansion pack coming soon.
Moncole  +   1432d ago
Mass Effect takes place in the future so you probably can take something out of someones mined or it can he an hallucination

At least the ending wasn't Shepard wakes up from a coma and he was never a commander, he was just a hobo struck by lighting.
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krazykombatant  +   1432d ago
Could the title be any more of a bloody spoiler!! JESUS.
swice  +   1432d ago
I'm glad other people see it too. This is bullcrap
MysticStrummer  +   1432d ago
It's amazing how many people in the above comments are hoping this is true, hoping that Bioware didn't give you an ending so they could sell it to you later. Incredible. DLC is here to stay and I hope none of you ever complain about it, because selling you a trilogy's real ending after you bought the entire trilogy already is just plain ridiculous and wrong. On a sort of related topic, those who complain about Online Passes, but already pay to play online, need to look in the mirror.
TheGOODKyle  +   1432d ago
It is sad but the other new Prince of Persia (not Sands of Time) did this and FF13-2 may be doing this. It's sad and we don't want it to happen but it's looking like it is.
#14.1 (Edited 1432d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tigertron  +   1432d ago
Nice spoilerific title there, cheers.
EditorAtGNG  +   1432d ago

So wait, this guy thinks Shepard went to sleep once Harbinger started firing on the humans converging on the beam? Is he for real? Why go through all the trouble of making him/her (Shepard) all hurt and beaten, so the game could continue later on like nothing happened? Please.

Some people just can't face the truth (no matter how ugly it is).
OdinX  +   1432d ago
It makes sense though; at least more sense than the current endings. It's not that he/she just dropped and fell asleep, more like when Shepard was struck by the beam, he/she was knocked unconscious allowing Harbinger to more easily indoctrinate Shepard.

Throughout the game Shepard's mind is deteriorating; many conversations, and statements imply that this is the truth; perhaps having him'her knocked unconscious was the final straw.

Also, to those that think the indoctrination was instant or too quick, Shepard was exposed to MANY Reaper artifacts and tech throughout the entire series; hell, in the last moments of the game Shepard's within a couple meters of two Reapers in very short intervals.
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SneeringImperialist  +   1432d ago
While this theory makes sense, it is incredibly stupid not to put a proper ending in the main game and charge actual money for the proper ending in a dlc when they get around to releasing it a few months after release, it just kills the game completely. Bioware need to clarify this whole situation or feel the fanboy rage and have this game go down the sewage pipe lol
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militant07  +   1432d ago
I noticed something very important, when you move in the dream he gets through out the game you'll see ashes in the wind, EXACTLY same when he wake up after being hit by the repears but nothing before it!.

/watch?v=rLwZxUeJzK0 (dream)

/watch?v=bek7_KAvyj8 (after waking up [low quality, sadly])

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