ButtonMasher Review: Mass Effect 3

Gage Cloutier of reflects on his experience playing Mass Effect 3 throughout the week of release.

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Awesome_Gamer2441d ago

How much did EA pay you to give this game a perfect score??? To be honest if Mass Effect 3 is a solid 10 then Mass Effect is 15/10 and Mass Effect 2 is 13/10

BtnMshrTV2441d ago

They paid us with a good game.

BtnMshrTV2441d ago

Also, I should note, read the last paragraph of the review. Clearly you didn't read it, and you only looked at the score.

poindat2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

There are still people making quips about reviewers being paid off? Opinions are subjective. Just because you think the game doesn't deserve a 10/10 score doesn't mean that nobody does.

edit: intended for Awesome_Gamer

BtnMshrTV2441d ago

Thank you for your open-minded perspective. Not only did I pay $60 for my own copy of the game, I paid $80 for the Collector's Edition. The review was typed solely on a voluntary/hobby basis.

pandehz2441d ago

Great game, best in the series.
And again just like the review its my opinion
and everyone else has the right to click on the two insignificant buttons starting with A & D

Son_Lee2441d ago

Fantastic game so far. Long game, too. 13 hours in and I feel like I haven't scratched the surface.

Chuk52441d ago

Oh man, look at some of the comments about this game over the past week. People wonder why no one cares about gamers that constantly complain about everything. It's just funny.

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