9.0 Review: Mass Effect 3

Arguably one of the greatest gaming series to grace our consoles this generation (and probably even the last 12 years) gets its final entry. Mass Effect 3 marks the final battle with the Reapers and it’s up to Commander Shepard to do it. So does Mass Effect 3 live up to everything we’ve been expecting from it?

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NukaCola2444d ago

I am so sad that I can't change my gender for Mass 3. I always played as a dude, but tried the demo as a girl and she is such a better character. Better voice actor and the character as femshep feels so more real. I think I will replay Mass 2 and carry over as a girl. I wonder how much I will miss out on if I just go with a female this time and not carry my file over.

DeadpoolSkye2444d ago

You'd be better off replaying 2 and making your own choices. The defaut choices you get in 3 if you start a new game with none of your own choices are...bleak, to say the least.