Forza Horizon trailer leaks, game out this fall

A trailer for Forza Horizon has leaked out onto the net.

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IM_KINECTED2299d ago

I don't think I understand what this is or what this means.

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Mystogan2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I am glad they are trying different things for the Franchise,although a fall 2012 release seems a bit odd.
You would think that they would want more development time and release it for Xbox 720 in 2013

[email protected] think they are milking it, its not milking as long as it keeps getting better.

Uncharted series also spawned 4 games this generation alone, but they can because nobody is tired of it yet,and that's because it keeps getting better.

Milking is what activision is doing with the COD franchise the last 4 games are practically the same.

especially the modernwarfare series

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dcbronco2298d ago

Autodidactdystopia, I'm not sure that's true. Look at it again. I think the very first scene might be game engine. And the last scene. A few more are included here and there. I downloaded it and stopped it on a few scenes and I thing some of that is game.

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Blacktric2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Oh cool. A Forza game that's aimed directly at hipster "culture" of today. It's great... But I think I'll wait for Forza Sesame Street crossover...

MaverickStar72298d ago

Those are not even close to hipsters. Those people were having fun. Hipsters would rather write a song about the meaning of fun then post in on their blog.

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DaThreats2299d ago

Already another one?
That will be 4 Forza Games this generation

Aloren2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

It's probably not another "forza motorsport", but rather a sort of spinoff, kinda like they created shift for NFS.

killerhog2299d ago

Is still a forza game. You can spin it all the ways you want, but it's still forza with cars and racing.

Aloren2298d ago

Of course it is... that's the point of using the name.

SilentNegotiator2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Yeah, that makes annual Forza games a better idea...spinoffs. /s

Aloren2298d ago

I'll wait until they make a bad one before complaining. Some people don't mind having a great game every year you know...

killerhog2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

no shi*t, Sherlock. nice job on trying to spin it on me. my comment was referring to you guys going, 'its a spinoff not related to forza', to avoid the fact that, MS is milking the franchise. but you already knew that, its why you edited your original comment.

mcstorm2298d ago

I wonder if this will be a PGR type game. I hope it is as I really liked the PGR and MSR games and now the studio that made the game has been shut down it would be good to see Turn 10 pickup the game or give it a different name.

I really like Forza 4 IMO its the best racing game this gen as I have not been able to put it down which is unlike me with car games as I play there for a month or so and then pick them up again every now and again where with Forza 4 I have not put it down since it came out.

I also think a PGR type game by turn 10 will help bring on the next Forza game too.

kaveti66162298d ago

"Is still a forza game. You can spin it all the ways you want, but it's still forza with cars and racing."

By that logic, do you know how many Gran Turismo titles have been released on PS3 this gen?

Gran Turismo HD Concept

Gran Turismo Prologue

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 XL

and on top of that there were several retail copies of demos that sold at retail following Prologue and preceding 5.

Microsoft's stupid mistake is calling this a Forza game if it happens to be a non-sim Spinoff.

dragon822298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Gran Turismo HD Concept - demo released on the PS Store

Gran Turismo Prologue - Retail/PSN release

Gran Turismo 5 - Retail/PSN release

Gran Turismo 5 XL - Exact same game as GT5 but with all DLC included.

That is one demo, two full games and a repackage. Did I miss something??

Aloren2298d ago

@killerhog I dunno if you were referring to me, but I edited my comment cause of a spelling mistake... Also, I never said it's not related to forza, but that it won't be a "forza motorsport". Finally, I don't share your fascination or obsession with "milking" and have no point or interest in defending or boycotting sequels of game people enjoy.

anti-gamer2298d ago


Gran Turismo HD Concept that was not a game nor a demo it was just tech demo uesing gt4 engin for what ps3 can do and it was free

Gran Turismo Prologue it was game selled for 30-40$ for what gt5 well be

Gran Turismo 5 is the real game

Gran Turismo 5 XL it was just pack fore gt5 with all the dlc so it is not a new game

So they was 1 gt game and a half for these gen

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jimbobwahey2299d ago

Yeah, they really need to spend more time on each game rather than rushing them out as fast as possible. Forza 4 was enough to make me write this series off completely after how disappointing it was, it felt more like DLC than a new game. I think the community feels the same way too given how dead it was online, but then again even Forza 3 was a ghost town a month after launch. Hopefully one day Turn 10 actually attempts to compete with all the other great racing games out there rather than reveling in obscurity.

AgentWD402299d ago

Forza has improved with every release, as for reveling in obscurity. It is without doubt the best racing game available on consoles and yes I do own GT5 and I still play it. The online is fantastic and there are still plenty of people to race. With rivals mode aswel forza is endless

RBdrift2298d ago

Geez, you sound like a ranting Dan Greenawalt.

TheRealHeisenberg2299d ago

Pump the breaks. How many Uncharted games have we had? How many R&C? How many...oh never mind.

Scuzzlebutt2299d ago

Two R&C and three UC, 2 & 3 < 4.

turgore2299d ago

4 uncharteds actually, if you count golden abyss.

ZeroX98762298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

uncharted, it's a story your listening to. gameplay is important, but the story is as much important.

Forza, well I don't think there's a story to tell there and a lot of features could have been given into a big dlc instead of a lot of little dlcs PLUS 3 different forza games on the same generation.

I like innovation, but 3 games in one gen is a lot for features. 2 games would have done the trick.

GT5 needs more features too. I miss the customization of forza when I'm playing GT5. but I miss my logitech G27 when I'm playing forza. If I'm not mistaken, the forza 4 official wheel works on the ps3 and PC, but the G27 doesn't work on the 360? what the hell is this?!?!?!

Microsoft should have done what I've been saying since forza 1 was out. you want to show that your game can easily beat sony's GT? put forza on the freaking PC!!!!! let us see the amazing power of your graphic engine by putting it on pc. PC fans wants a full and complete sim game since a long time and giving them forza should satisfy them.

kaveti66162298d ago

"uncharted, it's a story your listening to. gameplay is important, but the story is as much important."

You should read more books. It may blow your mind to discover how shitty video game stories are in comparison to novels that take effort.

MySwordIsHeavenly2298d ago

I don't know, man. The Uncharted series is written pretty well. Look at Gears of War 3. It was written by the same person who wrote the books, which were also phenomenal!

Crytek brought in an actual sci-fi writer to do Crysis 2.

I haven't seen the "Fight Club" or "Nevada" of video games, but there is some amazing material.

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Frankfurt2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Forza + open world = perfection.

Solid 60fps (unlike certain other racers from competing consoles), amazing handling, now with freedom to just drive around...

Edit: To the people that don't know, this is the open world game being made by ex-Codemasters, ex-Bizarre team. You don't drive in tracks like mainline Forza. Some rumors say it's closer to Test Drive Unlimited, only with awesome Forza handling, unlike TDU's "boats".

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MySwordIsHeavenly2298d ago

Forza has good handling. The problem's not realistic.

If I wanted something to be more "fun" with handling, I'd go with Driver: San Francisco. The handling in that game is like an addiction! The same goes for Twisted Metal!

Daoshai2298d ago

Look I spotted a fanboy. Too bad its not as hard as finding waldo

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dirthurts2299d ago

Looks like Forza racing, but open road tracks. Kind of a neat idea.
Maybe like a simulation Need For speed? That would be a new genre.