Clinton Would Crack Down on Computer-Generated Cartoon Sex

Via Wired:

"Clinton reveals today that she still sees the [San Andreas] affair as a victory for child safety. She describe her introduction of the doomed Family Entertainment Protection Act as a response to the "illicit" sexual content in San Andreas, and says, as president, she'd support regulation of the gaming industry.

"'When I am President, I will work to protect children from inappropriate video game content.'"

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Hitman_Legend3837d ago

There's nothing wrong with trying to protect children from inappropriate content but when they're treating it like the plague then there's something wrong, if they want to crack down on the issue then start at half assed parenting then there wouldn't be a problem of children being exposed to inappropriate content. Also, isn't the world already exposed to a lot of inappropriate things, hmm i wonder how many murders I'll hear about when i watch the news tonight or read in the newspapers. If politicians want to solve something with videogames and children being exposed to it then turn towards the parents...and until they do that they shouldn't be worrying about videogames, they should be focusing on crime.

BrianC62343837d ago

I bet Hillary blames GTA for Billy's shenanigans. He used GTA to learn how to do his little deeds with Monica. What does the word is mean anyway Hillary?

T_O873837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

wrong post :P
any ways i heard childs at the age of 11-13 and even younger than that are having oral sex in schools in the USA what is your respond to that hillary
hillary : me ban video games me get votes

JsonHenry3837d ago

This should not be a surprise. Hillary has been on this bandwagon since Tipper Gore and her where going around blaming music and games for all of societies problems.

thetruthinator3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

What is the world coming to?

If i want to look at some innocent anime sex simulators than that is my right! In fact, thats American!... more American than baseball... and maybe apple cobbler.

how dare Hillary to try take away my cartoon sex!

and lets not forget animalism, which i hold second only to underaged pornography.

In fact, i am so enraged about this i am going to go complain about it on other websites who share my same love for the sadistic!

Let freedom ring!

DRUDOG3837d ago

I agree with you, politicians need to worry more about the running of our country and a little less on video games or other entertainment outlets.

The real reason I posted though was: That picture of Hillary is to F'ing funny. I might even change my avatar to that!

Fototherapist3837d ago

I'm fine with her wanting to regulate the industry as long as the content is still there. I still want lots of blood, guts, boobs, etc. in my games. I think it's fine that little kids shouldn't be playing games like GTA. But as an adult, I still want to see all the slimy crud I can get my hands on.

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P4KY B3837d ago

Its just a shame that american politicians have to pander to the right wing religious nutters.

GIJeff3837d ago

since when did Hitler mean Hilary Clinton start pandering to the "right"? shes pretty extreme left. And a robot.

clownfacemcgee3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It's interesting that she's pandering to them instead of the personal rights sort of Lockian crowd that I think have a much larger presence in her party. But I think she's capitalizing on the GTA:SA fiasco. She doesn't want to seem soft on it, so she's trying to look like the iron protector of children. Shielding their innocent eyes from the terrible video games that will be the downfall of society. Just like how people thought rock & roll would be the downfall of society.

Winter47th3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

I'd hit it.

Other than that, no wonder Bill Clinton went AWOL from the blair witch.

felman873837d ago

But.....I need Computer-Generated Cartoon Sex

jonboi243837d ago

you're not the only one..... *ahem*Bill Clinton*ahem*

name3837d ago

Jesus people. Would you PLEASE just vote republican or for obama. Please? This is the same lady who wanted San Andreas banned. Do you have any idea what she'd do to videogames if she was president? Bush is to gay marraige what clinton is to video games. Ah screw it, as if Americans have any idea who to vote for. I'm moving to japan.

Polluted3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

I think most Americans need a few years after Bush is gone before they'll vote republican again. Then again there's probably nobody living below Michigan who would be willing to vote for a woman or a black guy. Shame really. Obama seems like a nice enough fellow. Ron Paul probably doesn't have enough supporters to grab much of the vote and John McCain always screws up somehow. Wait...who's left? Is Kerry even going to bother running this time? Maybe Gore will surprise us

socomnick3837d ago

John Edwards seems ok I wont vote for obama because I get a feeling that the obama we see on tv isnt the real obama. And Hilary well shes just a b|tch I am amazed that the people in new york were stupid enough to vote her as senator what grounds did she have to run as senator being Bills b|tch ? Im rooting for john mccain a war vet and hes seems honest enough.

Polluted3837d ago

@socomnick: I'm not crazy about republicans most of the time, but McCain does seem like a great guy. For some reason, though, he just can't seem to get votes when it counts. He acts like he supports Bush's war of terror because that's what good republicans are supposed to do, but somehow I think there wouldn't have been a war if McCain would have won last time he ran for president. He's definitely a guy who knows how terrible war can be.

The plus side to this whole election? No matter who wins fact the whole world will be better off next year. Even if some ice queen is telling people what video games they can or can't play.

IntelligentAj3836d ago

Damn... I actually like Hilary Clinton(Over the rest of the Dems and definitely the Reps) but this is ridiculous. I don't know why she would say something like this. I hope she doesn't seriously believe that video games sex is worse than real sex that is depicted on just about every tv show. If she does then i'll strongly consider switching my vote.

Delt43830d ago

Dude Ron Paul is the man he has followed the constitution through out his political career. to bad there's no way he has enough followers to get elected. O well......

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