Haze Delayed?

Free Radical(GoldenEye/Timesplitters)'s highly anticipated next gen FPS, Haze, appears to have been delayed. Originally due out in November 07, the game was pushed back until January 08. Now, it looks like it has delayed further by 3 months. Several online retailers have confirmed this, such as and, indicating a released towards the later half of March.

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Vip3r3775d ago

Meh, I'm still keeping this under pre-order.

Rythrine3775d ago

Although it sucks that it got delayed, I think its a pretty good break from two great FPS that came out one after another (COD4 and UT3). I'm not a FPS addict so a nice diversity of games are always welcome. DMC4, Burnout, and of course mods for UT3 will be a nice filler. Also, as much as I want to, I don't think KZ2 will make its Feb 08 release date. Just my gut feeling :)

n_n3775d ago

i don't mind this... it gives me the chance to finish all the games i got for the holiday season... (and before it) plus there are just too many FPS games right now it's getting meh.

Kleptic3775d ago

Rythrine...KZ2 has been more or less confirmed to be a fall'ish 2008 release...the confirmation of a public beta during early summer makes the fall release assumption pretty accurate...

in either case...I will be opening UT3 monday...and if you are will pay ;)

Rythrine3775d ago

Bring it. I got two days to hone my skills. I'll see you online, buddy :)

BLuKhaos3775d ago

but I wonder what were you doing while your 360 was being repaired?

Kleptic3775d ago

Rythrine...I keep seeing your name with UT3 underneath it...and get insanely are the only guy on my list so far that seems to be playing it...but my wife got it for me the day it released...let me look at the box...wrapped it...and I have been bugging her ever since to let me have it...I talked her into letting me have it a day early (since I already know what it is I guess...not at all sure why she gave in)......can't wait though...

you playing with a mouse and keyboard?...I have a set ready, but most reviews say that the controls are actually pretty good for the I may just stick with that...

Rythrine3775d ago

Lolz. That's cool, man. I'll see you online once you unwrapped it. I don't have a mouse and keyboard yet. I was still looking for that FragFX by Splitfish though. Can't find one anywhere. I was gonna buy a keyboard but sixaxis controls fine. The game is a real pick up and play. It was faster than conventional FPS but after a couple of minutes, you'll be fine. IMO, the speed was perfect. After playing UT3 for a couple of hours, COD4 seems slow-mo. I still love COD4 and it is still a deeper shooter though.

Fluffy2Duffy3775d ago

Yup!! pre-ordering it too, just be patient fanboys!!

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RadientFlux3775d ago

not surprising it's already missed the holiday season... might as well spend an extra 3 months tweaking and making it as good as they can

cellypower3775d ago

When did haze become timed?

Kleptic3775d ago

what do you mean?...its still not timed, although a lot of the media keeps saying it is...

Free Radical, Ubisoft, and SCE have all confirmed the game as a PS3 wasn't always that way, but since they finally said it...they have not once gone back on it...

resistance1003775d ago

Im actually pleased by this news. I now don't have to make a desision between UT3 and HAZE, i can get both on release =D

Snukadaman3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Since this is a timed exclusive,xbox 360 owners get it longer...Wait b3yond the release date.

No thanks..Ill wait until the ps4 by the way things look for the ps3...or at least until god of war 3. got too think with timed is smart too say its exclusive and have people who own both consoles buy it for the ps3 or is it smarter too have those exact people wait for the 360 version..everyone knows ps3 owners aint buying games right be quiet...take the money from sony...and act likes its only on ps3...couple of months down the road release it on 360 and recoup for both versions...and anyone who doesnt think sony paid them for the exclusive...look at the gamble of putting a game on just the honestly think its economically feasible?

wolfgang3775d ago

Why wait to get it on the 360 ? Just get it on the PS3

Kleptic3775d ago

why do people keep saying that?...its not a timed exclusive...its not coming to the 360 anymore...It was being "lead" on the PS3 for a while, but since then have fallen back to it being a ps3 only game...

sticky doja3775d ago

Simply because its not gonna sell well on the PS3, and after all of the development costs the developers will put it on 360 to get their money back.

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SRuN43775d ago

Good, cause it looked like it could use the extra time in the oven. But if MGS4 and GTA4 hit in March they may have made a huge mistake, cause everything that comes out that month will be overshadowed by those two games.

Relcom3775d ago

I'll be happy to buy this along with the others.

Lets not all panic though i'm not one to trust retailers for release dates.