9.7 - Twisted Metal Review

T-Hill writes: Twisted Metal the game that defines what it is to own a PlayStation console. This franchise is near and dear to my heart for as long as I can remember, long nights playing part Twisted Metal 2 at my friend’s house driving his mom absolutely bonkers lol. When Twisted Metal for the PS3 was announced I lost my mind, I mean I jumped out of my seat at work and shouted OH HELL YEAH! Now that I’ve established how pumped for the game was out of the way I guess I should start the review.

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mathsman2364d ago

It looks good, but I didn't think it would get that good a score! Nice review though!

Der_Kommandant2364d ago

Finally a well deserved score


Thank you I think the score reflect the review I put together...the game rocks on so many levels. I think reviews and scores don't always connect or that reviewers don't approach reviews from more than one angle. To me a lot has to be taken into consideration when reviewing a game like does it execute on the developers core idea, does it have sound game play mechanics, does the world and everything in it accuratly depict a consistant tone that keeps the immersion level and does the game keep you engaged...there are many other considerations but those are some of the big key factors.

dragonopt12364d ago

really enjoying the game but the online is getting very frustrating. Keep getting disconnected from games and random freezes :(

Dante1122364d ago

Good read. Glad to hear that the controls are tight despite what G4TV said. The campaign sounds really good from what you described as well. I'm getting this next week for sure.

TheLastGuardian2364d ago

Great review but, you sound like a big TM fan so I don't know why the game couldn't get a 10 from you. I wouldm't think twice to give this game a 10.

I love the end when you said, "If you haven't already picked it up, I don't know what's wrong with you" Haha, well said.

I'm so glad I'm a Twisted Metal fan. If you like Twisted Metal as much as I do, this will be one of your favorite games of all time.