Mass Effect 3 IS better with Kinect

MEG: "It keeps battles more organic. It develops a sense of urgency and intensity, and a heightened connection with the movements of your character, his action, and as a commander controlling a highly skilled elite squad. It created a sense of immersion that sadly the demo failed to when I played it on the PC."

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matey2127d ago

You dont say the matter of urgency is what wiimote and COD/CONDUIT/ have had 4 ages and its zero lag Kinect isnt zero lag no matter how much money you throw at it and Kinect hasnt taken off as much as wiimote did plus the WiiU will have better graphics and support Wiimote+ 4 COD/MassEffect ect so who cares.does Kinect have argmented reality/panaramic like WiiU pad i dont think so

Aloren2127d ago

How did this article about voice command in mass effect with Kinect led you to a speech about the "better support" and augmented reality features of the wii U? We haven't even seen a game yet...

360GamerFG2127d ago

Man!! I always thought Nintendo fanboys were a myth. I am very pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly because you are hilarious

Aloren2127d ago

Strange question... is Soul Calibur 5 150€ better with an arcade stick ? is GT5 300€ better with a G27 ? is KZ3 90€ better with move ? is SWTOR 75€ better with a G13 ? is your PC 150€ better with a SSD HD ? is a phone 700€ better when it's an iphone 4s ?

It always is to some people. Maybe even you.

aaron58292127d ago

i dont know about the rest. But GT5 with a wheel, IS A MUST !


Aloren2127d ago

I'm sure it is ! and I wouldn't play SWTOR without my G13...

So, yeah, exactly my point :)

AtomicGerbil2127d ago

It's a perfectly reasonable question, although the answer is subjective and of course some users will already have one, so the question is then pointless.

But, from an unbiased point of view, is it worth it?

OmegaSaiyanX2127d ago

Actually a PC is better with SSD :-D

But with Kinect its just another option to create a different sense of gameplay, some like it some dont. I have kinect and will give it a go although looking back Xbox 1 was doing this with Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon via the headset...

Baka-akaB2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

all of those games usually control better with the associated controller . It's hardly the same case here with ME .

It isnt faster nor more efficient

Still i'll agree that it's up to each individual's taste.

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360GamerFG2127d ago

Oh yeah of course, because when you buy Kinect, you area allowed to use it to play Mass Effect 3 ONLY right? What a stupid question

AtomicGerbil2127d ago

That's not what I was implying, wipe the rabid foam from your chin and take it from the point of view of somebody who doesn't already own Kinect.

It's a question that any reviewer may ask.

paddystan2127d ago

I have the device and I agree.

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Software_Lover2127d ago

I liked the demo while using kinect.

The demo seemed pointless to use kinect as you only had 2 powers at your disposal, and they were easily button mapped. But once you start to fill up the huge power wheel, along with the power wheels of your squadmates, this is where the voice commands shine. Based off the demo, Bioware implemented kinect very well.

Baka-akaB2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Ok then , but the comparison here seems to be with the pc version ... wich use the easily faster and more efficient hotkeys instead .

Besides i think the difference will be better displayed once we see people trying veteran modes on kinect and then on pc.

Software_Lover2127d ago

Well, when it comes to the pc then yes, hotkeys are probably preferable. But for me, by the time I buy the pc version of Mass Effect 3 from steam, It will be 5 bucks and I would have beaten it on the 360 4 times.

But your point is taken.

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