Another Kingdom Under Fire Sequel Confirmed

In an e-mail interview conducted for 1UP's just-posted preview of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, game director Henry Lee of developer Blueside confirmed to 1UP that another, more traditional Kingdom Under Fire sequel is in development.

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SuicidalTendencies3837d ago

It's good to know they are making a traditional Kingdom Under Fire game. I wasn't too happy when I read they weren't making the new game like the original 2 for Xbox. I'll give Circle of Doom a try and see how it plays though. I hope they at least give a demo.

AAACE53837d ago

I hope it at least plays like Ninety-nine Nights! I usually don't buy games like these anymore cause there's too much room for error, but N3 changed my mind. Plus it seems like N3 mixed with the original Gauntlet as you can have up to 4 players through the game.

I will be getting this one... But I want to see some reviews to see if I should buy it on day 1, or wait until it's cheaper!