Battlefield 3 PC minor update introduces Punkbuster issue, DICE is working on it

DSOGaming writes: "That’s hilarious. A new update for the PC version of Battlefield 3 has rolled out and guess what; it comes with that awful ‘Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]‘ issue that was introduced some months ago. Since this morning, a lot of PC gamers have been kicked/banned from the public servers due to that issue, while others had to manually update Punkbuster in order to play the game. And you as you may have guessed, DICE is already looking into fixing it."

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weazle2470d ago

No surprise here it's just DICE causing more problems than they are fixing again. You would think that as much time as it takes them to release a patch that it would actually work. I look forward to the day that this game plays like it should if that is even possible.

john22470d ago

ironic isn't it? DICE patches = fix 5 things, break 10 other. It's been like that since BF2, lol

mastahmind2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

ive bought this game twice on ps3 and pc and havent touched it on ps3 bcause of the input lag and on pc i cant play when i want to bcause of all there problems with punkbuster.. really sad they are ruining the best fps franchise..

Holeran2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

They are looking into this when they have done crap with the PS3 input lag. Past 4 months and there is still terrible input lag for PS3 DICE, you still "looking into fixing that"? I loved the beta on PS3 but the retail version blows on PS3.

Red_eyes_Gremlin2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

This is what happens when a game is being rushed (imoh)
to all platforms.

They need to fix, cut off, tweak, cut off some more, tweak some more and then release a alpha that every one more or less hates... So they fix a little bit more.. and release next alpha (with caspian border) that every COD fanboy out there hates as soon as they see.

So DICE now makes the horrible mistake to listen to the ppl that come fron CONSOLS mostly and not to the LOYAL and TRUST worthy community that have been with them sence bf1942 on PC.

But instead now they listen to EVERY ONE - because they want to go where the cash are ( mostly ) on consols.


Why? Well back in the alpha version when every one said , PLEACE DICE dont listen to the COD fanboys or the ones that NEVER EVER have playd BF (The TRUE) bf before...


Well not JUST BECAUSE that you cant in ANY WAY help build a game that is NOT like bfbc 1 or 2. YOU HAVENT playd (as many ppl said) BATTLEFIELD if you playd BFBC games.

It was also because WE the LOYAL community from the REAL battlefield knowed from the START you consol ppl got the hands on it that this was going to fail .. IN THE START!

And here we are IN THE START !! And sooo it have failed.

You ppl dont seem to realize how much work and labor it takes to make a game, and then + that teweak it - and optimise it for every one , and now on EVERY consol.
Things can go wrong - we can simply forget things.


Do you really think MIC support and LAG for just two things are the ONLY thing that is needed to be fixed?

No thx to you CONSOL ppl - we have to reshape EVERYTHING on the game and + that tell DICE to add voip? That i can PROMMISE you - IF battlefield 3 only would have been to pc, it would have been there.

No mic support on ps/360 yet:
Maybe its because they have had to fix every single shit you guys (in the start) AND NOW EVEN THE PC community want to change ASAP - Because this is not BATTLEFIELD 3 this is COD/BFBC2

PPL on the servers on pc write - When is the TRUE sucsessor to Battlefield 2 comming - and to tell the truth i question that myself.

A battlefield game that is FOR PC and not to the "All out market" becauce face it DICE / and ppl playing games.


With that said: I will go BACK to my battlefield 3 - play and enjoy the community - the fun times - and the lols you have with the ppl you play with. Whait for a patch - and then a more patch and then some more..

know, its that BATTLEFIELD GAMES (at least on PC) takes time before they are that flawed diamond online.

But when they are... oh when they are :)
Battlefield 3 will IN TIME be Battlefield 2.
Trust me on this.

DICE just realize, that when you do Battlefield 4 -

But in the end . Dont take it wrong now 360/ps3 ppl.
I own BOTH a 360 and a ps3 my own.

But i see already the ppl droping out more and more on my 360 / sons ps3 then on PC.

I dont get it - Why release a game on consol? That have the highest fanbase on PC?

Battlefield 3 will die faster on consoll - every one know that.

Yet already in the START and i prommise you in the end
THIS GAME - will be flawed on PC and empty on consoll when the Crowed have moved on.

Hufandpuf2470d ago

Tim Schaffer said it cost $40,000 to patch a game on consoles.