Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer 20 Mins of Gameplay

Here is over 20 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. I’m using the Engineer class which happens to be a Quarian and with two other people we kill some Cerberus scum. The feeling is amazing when playing. Id you have any doubts about the multiplayer mode and that it might ruin the experience. Think again...

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Myst2290d ago

Tomorrow ME3 will be miiiine *rubs hands together and laughs*

Hufandpuf2290d ago

Ummm, the demo's been out for a while.

Myst2290d ago

PS3 store for me don't have a 360 least not anymore.

FrightfulActions2289d ago

Can't wait to play. Hopefully the Quarian infiltrator is male. I don't like being limited to only Quarian female. Kal'Reegar will be unstoppable! Mwuahahaha.

Dovahkiin2289d ago

Both genders for each race would be great, I can see them not allowing it though...

FrightfulActions2289d ago

Both Gender's doesn't make a lot of sense for many of the races. Honestly only Human, Quarian, Drell and possible Turian. Krogan wouldn't let their females face that danger, nor would Salarians. I was upset to see that male and female human have their own individual character slot. It should had been one character slot for humans, with a "toggle" button when you select them to switch between genders. This would had meant you could also toggle between male/female versions of the other races without having all the choices clutter up the game screen.

FCOLitsjustagame2289d ago

Looks pretty good, but I don't see a lot of taking cover. Is it pretty much all run and gun? The cover grab was really cool though.

2289d ago
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