New Mario Party 9 Trailer

Nintendo of Italia just released one of the most revealing Mario Party 9 trailers yet! The video includes what appears to be the opening sequence or intro, as well as tons of footage on five of the boards and minigames. Check out the longest video of Mario Party 9 below!

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Yodagamer2164d ago

wow i can't wait for this game XD, loved the older ones when i was younger

mcstorm2164d ago

I may pick this up. Ive not like the mario party games since the N64 versions but this looks quite good. I thought they would of made this for the WiiU though instead for bringing it out so late on the Wii.

mamotte2164d ago

I cant believe a Mario Party game is getting some kind of hype. The last one I knew about was MP3. Other ones just passed without making a noise.