Best. Console. Ever.

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GoozerNation writer Ryan Johnson brought up a simple statement in order to stir up a good article: Best. Console. Ever. He opened an online document and challenged the rest of the crew to answer that question, with a detailed why. Here you find the stories that emanated from that document. So read on, brave Surfer of the Internet! Do you agree with us? Care to rage on which one we missed in the comments? Want to put your opinion in on whether we should do Worst. Console. Ever.? Join in on the conversation, and we'll see just how far this goes...

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Relientk772259d ago

It's a matter of opinion, but my personal favorite game consoles are the PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

MariaHelFutura2259d ago

Nothing beats the PS2. It had the biggest/best/unique library of games of any console. The SNES was great too and I've gotten much enjoyment out of the PS3 aswell.

Colwyn2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

ps4 is my favourite console. its the future and its more powerful than any consoles out right now

Poorchoices19672259d ago

My favorite has to be the Playstation 2.

theeg2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

PS2 is by far my favorite plastic console

if we are limited to "consoles" meaning anything that plays games but a pc

but the pc destroys any console, more so because it plays every ps2 game at higher resolutions than the ps2 or ps3 ever can, with more AA and better effects. The same is true with every wii game, ds game, gamecube, n64, and soon ps3 and 360, in short, pc plays everything. It is the best platform for playing games by so far it makes all others absurd.

Then throw in mods, steam, dedicated servers, 60 frames per second, no jaggies and it really cannot even be disputed.

I play all my ps2 games on pc in 1080p. Playing DMC3 right now in 1080p at 60 frames and Kingdom Hearts 2

looks so good, i play it right from the disc, just download pcsx2, configure and pop the original ps2 disc in your pc, sure you could probably pirate it, but then your a jerk, I own over 400 ps2 games, and they all play in sexy 1080p.

ExPresident2259d ago

As much as I agree PC will own any console in terms of overall performance I can't play God of War 3 on PC or the new Twisted Metal or MGS4 etc etc. Hence the reason I have a PC and a PS3.

Prototype2259d ago

I have more of a best console per Generation; but if they want an overall, I'd give it to Arcades. There's a ton of games and series that wouldn't exist today if it wasn't for the Arcade scene.

RyanDJ2259d ago

That is a great outside the box answer! There are a bunch of games in arcades that haven't made it home yet from the 80's/90's that I wish I could play again!

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The story is too old to be commented.