What if Modern Warfare 3 Featured Ghost?

"What if Ghost didn't die in Modern Warfare 2? What if he was the star of Modern Warfare 3?

Sick and tired of seeing Price and Soap getting all the attention these days, our friendly neighborhood Ghost (of Modern War Gear fame) decided to tell people his side of the story about the events of Modern Warfare 3." - JTM Games

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LAWSON722347d ago

The story would still suck. I love how ppl act like this game has a good story

scrambles2347d ago

Call of Duty never had any good characters. I dont see how they got so attached to soap. I guess he was the least unlikeable so therefore all CoD fans had to get attached to him or just not be attached to any character in the series at all.

jtmgames2347d ago

I love how people totally missed the sarcastic nature of the article and video within.