Tons of new Far Cry 3 details

Lots of Far Cry 3 details have emerged from EDGE: find out about open-ended combat and design, some of the game's missions (including a setpiece comparable to an Uncharted 3 mission), removal of weapon degradation, and more.

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boogeyman9992494d ago

E3 demo was so frikking good so I am excite

MariaHelFutura2494d ago

The E3 demo was amazing. I'm kinda bummed about no weapon degradation, I liked that aspect of the game.

Ramses32494d ago

Personally I didn't like weapon degeneration, there was no bigger piss off then having enemies with seemly 100% perfect fully functional weapons, while yours were continually jamming.

MariaHelFutura2494d ago

Actually, it would be cool if the enemy weapons had it happen aswell.

mep692493d ago

Well i think it would be cool if Crytec still owned this game, instead of just selling a good name with a number at the end.

Pwnage182022493d ago

I know dude I though Far cry 2 was alright. But when i saw the trailer for Far cry 3 I almost pooped my pants!!!

wenaldy2494d ago

If its like Far Drive 2, then **** noobisoft.

Blacktric2494d ago

Far Cry 2 was a good game and it had the potential to be amazing. They just needed to fix the constant enemy spawn at checkpoints and add more varied sidequests with better weapon modding system. That's it. The graphics, sound, environmental design... Everything was perfect.

honkyjesus2494d ago

I couldn't believe Far Cry 2 was released like that. Enemies looked like tiny bugs, and it played like a subpar Just Cause.

GirlsGeneration2493d ago

Far Drive 2 lmfao! it was kind of like that, I'm looking forward to the new Far Cry 3 I'm glad they going back to the jungle this time that's where Far Cry belongs

kcuthbertson2494d ago

On a completely off topic note...this ad with screaming children needs to die a fiery death RIGHT NOW.

BlmThug2494d ago

Yaay, new information. My second most wanted game of 2012. That is if it releases in 2012

Wenis2494d ago

But will it have a map editor

Snookies122494d ago

It damn well better! That's the only reason I bought Far Cry 2 haha, not to say it wasn't a good game, it's just that I love games with map editors.

FinaLXiii2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

yeah too bad there inst many.

Snookies122494d ago

Very true... More games need editors... They add infinite amounts of playability! Plus it's fun to just let your imagination go wild when making maps and things of that sort.

Hozi2493d ago

All game designers, companies should start following this trend of releasing Map editors, or having a creation Kit system like TES:3,4 and 5. Just like Halo's Forge...but with more freedom to create!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.