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Tons of new Far Cry 3 details

Lots of Far Cry 3 details have emerged from EDGE: find out about open-ended combat and design, some of the game's missions (including a setpiece comparable to an Uncharted 3 mission), removal of weapon degradation, and more. (Far Cry 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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FlyWestbrook  +   949d ago
E3 demo was so frikking good so I am excite
MariaHelFutura  +   949d ago
The E3 demo was amazing. I'm kinda bummed about no weapon degradation, I liked that aspect of the game.
Ramses3  +   949d ago
Personally I didn't like weapon degeneration, there was no bigger piss off then having enemies with seemly 100% perfect fully functional weapons, while yours were continually jamming.
MariaHelFutura  +   949d ago
Actually, it would be cool if the enemy weapons had it happen aswell.
mep69  +   949d ago
Well i think it would be cool if Crytec still owned this game, instead of just selling a good name with a number at the end.
hiredhelp  +   949d ago
wow need to get back to map making again.
Pwnage18202  +   949d ago
I know dude I though Far cry 2 was alright. But when i saw the trailer for Far cry 3 I almost pooped my pants!!!
wenaldy  +   949d ago
If its like Far Drive 2, then **** noobisoft.
Blacktric  +   949d ago
Far Cry 2 was a good game and it had the potential to be amazing. They just needed to fix the constant enemy spawn at checkpoints and add more varied sidequests with better weapon modding system. That's it. The graphics, sound, environmental design... Everything was perfect.
honkyjesus  +   949d ago
I couldn't believe Far Cry 2 was released like that. Enemies looked like tiny bugs, and it played like a subpar Just Cause.
GirlsGeneration  +   949d ago
Far Drive 2 lmfao! it was kind of like that, I'm looking forward to the new Far Cry 3 I'm glad they going back to the jungle this time that's where Far Cry belongs
Asgaro  +   949d ago
Far Cry 2 was good.
kcuthbertson  +   949d ago
On a completely off topic note...this ad with screaming children needs to die a fiery death RIGHT NOW.
BlmThug  +   949d ago
Yaay, new information. My second most wanted game of 2012. That is if it releases in 2012
Pwnage18202  +   949d ago
whats your first?
Wenis  +   949d ago
But will it have a map editor
Snookies12  +   949d ago
It damn well better! That's the only reason I bought Far Cry 2 haha, not to say it wasn't a good game, it's just that I love games with map editors.
FinaLXiii  +   949d ago
yeah too bad there inst many.
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Snookies12  +   949d ago
Very true... More games need editors... They add infinite amounts of playability! Plus it's fun to just let your imagination go wild when making maps and things of that sort.
SageHonor  +   949d ago
Hozi  +   949d ago
All game designers, companies should start following this trend of releasing Map editors, or having a creation Kit system like TES:3,4 and 5. Just like Halo's Forge...but with more freedom to create!!!
FinaLXiii  +   949d ago
Far Cry 3 probably is the only shooter will buy this year.
ThichQuangDuck  +   949d ago
But when is it coming out is the true question
Ramses3  +   949d ago
Most anticipated shooter for 2012 :)
honkyjesus  +   949d ago
Under the radar. Looks great.
strange1986  +   949d ago
Yikes, this list could use some serious editing. I find it amusing that a lot of these details were even included at all. You even see a lizard in the cave!!!
r21  +   949d ago
'have i ever told you the definition of insanity?'
awesome line for a soon to be awesome game :D
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Der_Kommandant  +   949d ago
I only ask for one thing...

Get rid of the freaking malaria
lex-1020  +   949d ago
Did the Malaria actually do anything in the game? I beat the game and only remember taking about 4 pills. Was it possible to run out of pills?
Pandamobile  +   949d ago
Yes, I forgot to visit the church in Pala and died without my pills :l
lex-1020  +   948d ago

Wow. That sucks
Bdxxacjkfs  +   949d ago
"- Mando’s audition was completely opposite of what the team was looking for, and didn’t land the job
- Even so, Mando’s agent called him three weeks later and told him that Ubisoft was willing to make a character based on the audition he did because they liked it so much"

Brutal. Hes audition should be something really brutal. Wish was there
blackhammer  +   949d ago
I wish it wasn't under Ubisoft.

I desire mod tools.
BX81  +   949d ago
I thought far cry 2 was awesome. The MP needed some work and some minor tweeks to the single player but overall a great game. The sound and detail to the secenery was great.
CrimsonEngage  +   949d ago
Game looks amazing. I just hope there are no more goofy "find pills to stay alive" bullcrap this time around though. That got really old.

Also, bring back the map editor! (with bot's we can waypoint for custom missions)
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Pwnage18202  +   949d ago
Ive been hearing & reading that they could quite possibly bring malaria pills in Far Cry 3. I hope that doesnt happen to be quite honest. That pissed me off as well.
seanpitt23  +   949d ago
I hope far cry 3 multiplayer is better than its predicessor because that was pretty bad all round it felt like a afterthought which is was hope they put abit more love and attention in this one.
spinbot_lv1  +   949d ago
Far cry 2 was a very good game but the infinite enemies respawn at the militia's checkpoints was really irritating this was the worst aspect of the game..and the MP was useless and boring.I really hope that this time in Far cry 3 they fix these problems.
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Dark Thorn  +   949d ago
Far Cry 2 was good but this looks better, as long as they get rid of the annoyances of the last one, namely the far too frequent weapon jamming, infinitely respawning enemies at checkpoints (and how come if you drove through the checkpoint without fighting them they would sumhow use some super boost in their cars to catch up with you instantly?!) and a better storyline (the last game seemed as if you were just doing irrelevant tasks for the factions for hours, then every so often the 'jackal' who you were sent there to kill wud show up, save your life, and advance the story a bit). If they improve these things then this cud easily be one of the better games of 2012 (assuming it releases this year)
EazyC  +   949d ago
Oh yeah, forgot about this. This is the only shooter i want this year. But even calling it that i feel bad.
x800  +   949d ago
i am so excited about this game.
FunkMacNasty  +   949d ago
Cant wait for this game. I have to admit that all the things that most people disliked about Farcry 2, I actually had no problem with. Living with malaria/needing to locate pills, as well as weapon degradation added to the gritty survivalist nature of the game and added to the immersion you feel with the character and environment.
Also, alot of people hated the travel distances between mission checkpoints, but I personally loved taking those drives just to marvel at the beautifully stunning scenery of the African setting... and if you didn't want to drive/boat that far, the bus stations for fast fravel were always a closer drive than the next mission location. Even the re-spawning enemy checkpoints didn't annoy me that much because I didn't mind the combat, or the chase.

You might call me a FC2 fanboy! I can live with that
Zephol  +   949d ago
i want a good history please!
Legionaire2005  +   948d ago
Far Cry 2 was not only a boring game, but an insult to Africa. These developers actually went to Africa to capture the look and feel of Africa for the game, but it was too generic with boring driving missions and repetitive respawning enemies A.I. and the animals were harmless!!! The only thing good about that game was the level creator.

Far Cry 3 looks promising maybe I will give it a rental to make sure it a good buy.

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