The 5 Best PC Engine Games

The five best PC Engine games that serve as an awesome introductory to the underrated system's library.

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kcuthbertson2265d ago


Apparently "PC Engine" was a gaming console?

I thought I was going to see a list of the top engines for Personal Computer...

ThatArtGuy2265d ago

Apparently, you need some more mileage under the tires.

kcuthbertson2265d ago

Apparently I do...I'm 21 and played all sorts of consoles growing up...never heard of PC Engine though..

anasurimbor2265d ago

Rondo of Blood and Lords of Thunder belong for sure, rest of the list is a little off though. Street Fighter II?

Sugreev20012265d ago

Bonk and Air Zonk were pretty fun.

mastershredder2265d ago

I never really enjoyed the PC Engine games until arround the time the SuperGrafx came out.
I recall having good times playing Silent Debugers and Cadash on my TurboExpress.