Battlefield 3 Jet Pilot Uses The Force

MP1st - In this Star Wars themed Battlefield 3 video, YouTuber gerigm81 is in trouble and needs to figure out a way to dodge the enemy jet on his tail. Luckily, Old Ben Kenobi is on his side as he speaks to him through the force. “Use the sun, Luke,” said Kenobi, in all his wisdom.

What happened next would have Darth Vader crapping his pants.

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Hufandpuf1835d ago

That was amazingly clever! One of the better jet videos I've seen!

NewMonday1835d ago

i hate jet Pilots but that was cool.

i want watch A New Hope now

FlareDReborn1835d ago

Why no watch it at 1channel(dot)ch

Solid_Snake371834d ago

man i cracked up so bad at Kenobi's face in the sun

Septic1834d ago

Yup I do this too hehe. Works better on hardcore because of the lack of the spotting icon.

Nitrowolf21835d ago

Ha that was smart and awesome.
and lol at obi wan kenobi face

Elwenil1835d ago

Honestly, this is Dogfighting 101 and using the sun to your advantage has been in existence since WWI. It's good that Battlefield 3 has replicated the sun like they have since it's usually only done like that in flight sims.

-Alpha1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

The sun is overpowered... lol

Love the use of it for moments like this, but they need to tone it down for when I'm on the ground. And while they are at it, give us a proper colour filter.

Berserk1834d ago

pff I do this all the time in Cod

Brownghost1834d ago

People are idiots for taking you serious since your just joking

dark-hollow1835d ago

Next update dice nerf the sun!

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