Xenoblade Chronicles Review [Game Rumble]

Xenoblade revolves around a special sword called the Monado. The Monado was wielded by an ancient Titan called the Bionis when it fought against another titan called the Mechonis.

Eons after the great battle, the Monado found its way in the hands of the Homs (the humans in the world of Xenoblade). First, in the hands of a hero called Dunban, then in the hands of a young boy named Shulk. The Monado is the only effective weapon agains the metal bodied creatures called "Mechons". The Monado also allows its wielder to see the future, and in turn change it.

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Kos-Mos2261d ago

If you want to see real magic, buy a Wii and insert the cd and play. Beware this is not casual cod,gta,me,gears,halo,killzone ,gow.

Titanz2261d ago

I have the launch model, so I revert to Gamecube titles from time to time.

mike1up2260d ago

What's me?
Just curious...

chadboban2261d ago

The score is 4.6/5 not 4/5.
Just saying.

SammyJ2260d ago

Good for you Americans! you will love every minute of this game trust me!!