Tips for Getting through your Backlog

GamerFitNation's Myasharona gives gamers tips for getting through backlogs.

"It happens to the best of us, the gaming backlog. Whether it is because you are over extending yourself, there was a really good sale, you have too many favorite franchises, or life just got right in the way, it happens. Now you sit with anywhere from three to six games (or more) that you were really excited about but haven’t touched. Games and guilt are piling up and the task seems overwhelming. With the release schedule starting to pick up again, it’s time to consider how to tackle the mounting backlog before it gets any bigger. Here are a few tips to consider to help you make sense of it all."

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_LarZen_2262d ago

Have atm 77 PS3 games, and have finished about backlog is a NIGHTMARE!!!!

Co2-UK2262d ago

I too have 40+ games and many are half completed. Some I even brought on release day and have never played them.

GraveLord2262d ago

I suggest spending less time on N4G and more time on PS3!

_LarZen_2262d ago

Hehe, you you got a good point there GraveLord.

I have been thinking on why it has became the way it has with me.

I think it's something from childhood, when you got a game then you played it over and over til one day you finaly could afford a new one.

So now as a adult I have become a hoarder of games, when I see a bargain I pick it up in a flash.

Order most of my games from sites like and , after a month or two most games go for a real nice price....and the backlog just grows and grows...

Jaiks! :)

grailly2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I have the same problem as you :) and if you add to that steam sales, I haven't even played half the games I own on PC :/

hopefully, the vita will help getting more play-time on those PS3 games :)

kma2k2262d ago

ive got gamefly so my "backlog" is never ending. Ive finished 123 games this gen & have 2 sitting at my house to play. My "strategy" is play whenever i get a chance. On average i finish 1 game per week. Moral of the story is just play like crazy & enjoy every second of it.

Ddouble2262d ago

It's only going to get worse with the Vita. That added like 5 more games right from the begining that i need to get.

Good thing it's portable

NBT912262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Mine was going well at one point, but then Skyrim came out and the rest, as they say, is history.

I still have, about two trophies in Portal 2 to get to get the platinum (Though I imagine the Co-op is deserted at this point so that may be an issue) and I think I got just over half of DiRT3 done so far, so there is that too.

Still got a few bits to polish in GT5, but tbh with SSX and Twisted Metal just this month, its not happening any time soon lol

Oh and the MGS HD collection, and Assasins Creed... All of them. Been dying to play AC for ages, the problem is I am waiting for the "collection" that has all of them, but I dont know how much longer I can wait. I really liked the first, but for some reason didnt play any of the sequels -_-.

nilamo2262d ago

Want to lessen your backlog? Then stop hunting achievements or tropies, saves you a lot of time. At least it does for me.

NBT912262d ago

Yeah, I love buying games and not finishing everything they have to offer.

Darth Gamer2262d ago

I see the sarcasm, but I think he has a good point. OK, I can see if your a trophy whore but if not, just because you didn't get every trophy, does not mean that you didn't get all that a game has to offer. Some trophy and achievements are just plain horse shit and are just there to make you jump through hoops. I personally play to enjoy a good story and enjoy myself while doing so, not to get frustrated because I need to get every trophy. Just my opinion.

grailly2261d ago

the point is to have fun I guess, so yeah most of the time hunting trophies isn't really fun. I stopped that a while ago. What really builds my backlog is multiplayer and betas, I have been spending quite a lot of time on twisted metal and starhawk lately and I also pop a few hours into CoD.

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