What Happens When a CS Player Plays Battlefield 3

MP1st - "Today, we bring you raysteinerz’s amazing third entry in his Battlefield 3 Pub Frag series.

This gameplay is made up of mostly TDM in both core and hardcore game modes, so while you may harp on the guy for getting these beautiful one-hit kills in hardcore, please keep your eye on the score feed. These are 90% clean head shots, baby. You definitely don’t want to run into this guy on the Battlefield."

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2323d ago

Wow, and here the whole time I've been told that only COD has incredibly crappy ways of being killed.

Are you kidding me? Hand gun hits without aiming from across the map?!??!?!??! Quick sniping on COD, this is quick pistoling on BF3!

I tell ya, I'd of been really pissed if this guy killed me like that over and over. IMO, this is some crappy footage of bad hit detection and an over powered hand gun!

MariaHelFutura2323d ago

A magnum is an over-powered handgun.

DarkTower8052323d ago

Maria, that's why it's called a magnum.

MmaFan-Qc2323d ago

"You definitely don’t want to run into this guy on the Battlefield."

nah, i would be glad to run into the guy and kill him, sorry but the video isnt impressive at all.

some peoples may be impressed but not me, ive been a BF "veteran" since the bf1942 beta(yep, even before the wake island demo) and that kind of gameplay can be easily done by prettymuch everyone who dont suck at aiming.

Solid_Snake372323d ago

damn i'd kill for this guy's accuracy (not really, but you know what i mean)

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Virtual_Reality2323d ago

Good montage.

I want to see how PC players will own PS3 Players in Counter Strike GO.

Silver_Faux2323d ago

Yeah I can't wait for CS:GO either....and im a ps3 player! its gonna be fun as. Hopefully theres no awful lag though.

bozebo2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Yeah I have been waiting for somebody to post a video of an actual good player.

BF3 has some sick gunplay and it certainly feels very CS-like in the way recoil is applied and how your movement counts.

My kit of choice is m98B lasersight + straight pull and 44 magnum as secondary - which is better than any AR, SMG or Shotgun at close-med range lol.

BF3 has client side hit detection which is just so awesome if you have a good aim ;)

Snookies122323d ago

Well duh, CS is the most hardcore FPS game ever. Guys on there do not play around, you know when to shoot, exactly where to shoot, and how often to shoot. I used to be extremely good at the game, so I've been there. o_o Though these days, I'd get owned for not keeping up haha.

Horny2323d ago

True, if you can make in counter strike, you can make it in any fps.

Ducky2323d ago

Being good at CS might help in military shooters where a good aim will win you fights, but not for games like Quake or Tribes where you need good aim and good movement skills.

Horny2323d ago

I didn't disagree but CS requires ridiculous movement skills. Quake is slightly more fast paced so I give you that but in cs you have to love quick they will fire at you before you even turn the corner.

Ducky2323d ago

That's just basic movement though.

I'm talking about things like rocket jumping, and jump pads, coupled with some of Quake's maps where you can fall off of the map. Moving around the map in Quake is a skill in itself which is why you have competitions dedicated to just movement.

A good player in Quake can chase down someone else, whereas that doesn't happen in CS unless you count bunnyhopping, which itself is a byproduct of using the quake engine.

Same goes for Tribes where you have surfing.

bozebo2323d ago


CS players do genuinely only take a frame or 2 to have a bullet through your skull. What I don't understand is how so many noobs think it's cheating.

Solid_Snake372323d ago

probably kids who never felt what is like going to a LAN party with your bros

specialguest2323d ago

I used to play CS running on 56k modem during the college years. Back in those times, players didn't have perks, class, or upgrades to rely on. It was pure skills vs skills. All you had was to sharpen and improve your aiming skills.

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MmaFan-Qc2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

"CS is the most hardcore FPS game ever"

wat? ever heard of Quake3 or the original UT?

even the peoples who do skrims everydays on CS arent "Hardcore" vs good Quake 3 and UT players.

oh and last thing, montages of kills dont take skills, simply take time to take footages and edit it.

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OhReginald2323d ago

CS players dont use iron sites and sprint.

also a montage of kills isn't special....its just a bunch of jump cuts of kills you made....big whooop.

how about one video of a match.

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