Naruto Generations PS3 Trophy List Revealed

Saiyan Island reveals all the PS3 trophies in the newest Naruto game.

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tayz2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Uchiha...MADARA!?!? 0_0

Snookies122170d ago

Let's hope that doesn't mean Tobi. ^^

Optical_Matrix2170d ago

Seems a lot more bearable than Storm 2's trophies. Getting the Platinum Trophy on that game was just a time sink, and an annoying one at that lol

FinaLXiii2170d ago

it just took me like 70 hours lol.

Redempteur2170d ago

they finnaly learned that get all titles was impossible for most people ( because of online )

CaptainSheep2170d ago

Hmm, nice!
I've been dying to check out the trophy list.. Storm 2 was my FIRST Platinum out of 12.. And I'll definitely be Platinum'ing this game.