7 Highly Overlooked Wizard Classes

The wizard class is well loved in the realm of gaming. Black Mages, White Mages, Pyromancers and even Summoners are among some of the favorites. While most players use at least some form of wizard class, there are still those that go completely overlooked. Today is the day that we let those classes get the recognition they deserve as I list 6 of the most overlooked wizard classes.

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Emilio_Estevez2084d ago

Love the article, pretty interesting. Would have loved to see some example spells shown for each class though.

Relientk772084d ago

Vivi is amazing, and I love Final Fantasy Tactics it has many unique and awesome wizards like the ones listed in this list

RyuHoshi2083d ago

Weird article. Well done, though. Good to see some worth while Opinion Pieces on here lol

ninjahunter2083d ago

Call me mage-ist, but i cant recognize bards as magicians.