Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is Insane - PS3style

Johnny McNair was thoroughly impressed with the game:

"'All the PS3 needs are some great exclusive games!' These are words that we've all been hearing since day one of the console's launch, and it's been constantly echoed through cyberspace. Now a year old, the PS3 has a couple of good titles to call its own such as Warhawk, Motorstorm, and Heavenly Sword; and now developer Naughty Dog has jumped into the ring with its exclusive title for the PS3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Sure, on the surface this may look like a Tomb Raider game without our favorite big-busted heroine involved, but as the adventure unfolds you'll see that this game has a lot to offer, and is just the ticket the PS3 needs for the holiday season."

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TANOD3808d ago

rivalled only by CRYSIS


UNCHARTED is UNBELIEVABLE. this game is freaking awesome.

PimpHandHappy3808d ago

in its full glory you better have a real nice pc gaming rig that cost over 2grand. Even then x-play didnt like the gameplay on Crysis

not like i care because im not spending that money for a PC. I did put a new card in my PC for Rome Total war games but im not big on pc FPS

TANOD3808d ago

not even a TRI SLI 8800gtX is enough for that

so lets settle with the second best in graphical fidelity --UNCHARTED that has amazing gameplay too

emaddox843808d ago

I just got this game yesterday. All I can say is WOW. Can't wait till I get off work so I can play it some more.

Nameless3808d ago

If it was that good then it would be making money. But in my opinion & it probably was released to early with so many other well known games out the mass market does not seem to care about Uncharted.

Bullseye3808d ago

As someone who has been waiting for that 'must have' title before purchasing a PS3, i have to say IMO Uncharted, is not it. And judging by sales so far, it isn't generally regarded as a must have game by others either. It may be a brilliant game to some ,but to many it simply doesn't appeal, despite what you say about the graphics.Thats just my opinion of course, from someone who doesn't yet own a PS3.

tk3808d ago

I own 15 games now for the PS3. Including R&C, COD4, Warhawk.
Must buy titles is Warhawk, Uncharted.
Of all the games in the action / adventure genre, Uncharted tops all. If any of the games is a must buy - this is it - on any platform. The first 20% of the game is a bit boring - but it becomes better and better - to the point where it tops all other games...

AI is incredible. Action is great. Graphics is just a cut above the rest.

giovonni3808d ago

Out of all War hawk isn't a must buy, be serious. Uncharted is a must buy if you only own the ps3. However, there are better games then Warhawk that are out I'd buy COD4, Uncharted, R&C, Ninja Gaden black, Assassin's Creed, and a Racing game before I pick up warhawk, matter of fact that's what I did. I got R&C and then Warhawk. After A few days I erased it right off my hard drive, mad I spent 30 something for it as a down load. Thta could have went to another good game.

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