Xbox 720, PS4 will mostly be a 'graphical update'

Amalur lead designer Ian Frazier predicts what the next-gen consoles will have in store for consumers - apparently not much

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DarkBlood2262d ago

beside what we have now innovation wise, graphics is all that will improve apart from hardware to allow more things or enemies etc etc in games.

a matrix like hologram would be the next big thing for gaming alike

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brish2262d ago

They already improved the visuals, the sound, and made controllers vibrate so that you can feel the intensity of a game.

The next obvious next gen innovation is ... smell. That way games can literally stink! ;-)

BuLLDoG9092262d ago

yeah, graphic/performance update for next gen.. what exactly was this guy expecting ?

madjedi2262d ago

He shouldn't be looking much farther than current mid range pc's. Mods are out the window since it would cut into dlc sales.

And coming off of skyrim, kingdoms seem very casually orientated, at least thats the feeling the demo gave me.

If nothing else i'll take an elimination to loading screens plz.

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The story is too old to be commented.