Alan Wake PC: 14 AMD and Nvidia graphics cards tested

Website PCGH tested Alan Wake PC on 14 different graphics cards. Interesting: Radeons beat the Geforces in their testing.

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Letros2234d ago

I'm good :-D Pretty demanding game though, must look amazing.

ProjectVulcan2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

It looks ok. Its the fully dynamic lighting engine that eats resources much like Crysis. The game struggled to stay vsynced and run 30FPS @ 960 x 540 on Xbox 360.

This was going to make the game fairly demanding for PC, because 1920 x 1080 is FOUR times the resolution 360 is struggling to render it at before you even think about improving effect quality on top.

The Meerkat2234d ago

With my Radeon HD 5450 i'd be better watching a slideshow of the game.

Plagasx2233d ago

Be sure to put it up on Youtube then :)

ginsunuva2234d ago

Yeah, the Raedon 7970 beats 580. Thanks captain obvious trolls.