Street Fighter EX Developer, Arika, Worked On Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Siliconera: Arika are perhaps best known as the developer of the Street Fighter EX games, but lately, they’ve been busy helping with the development of Nintendo 3DS titles. The Tokyo-based developer worked on the 3D Classics line of classic game ports for Nintendo, and they also worked with Namco Bandai on Tekken 3D Prime Edition.

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Karooo2355d ago

Interesting, never knew that.

Venox20082355d ago

Arika are decent developers.. they made Endless ocean if I'm not mistaken and Pilotwings: resort..

SpoonyRedMage2354d ago

Monster Games made Pilotwings Resort.

Arika has been working on all the 3D Classics games though.