Console XP: Jak & Daxter HD Collection Review

Steven Ross wrote: "The Jak & Daxter series are one of those Playstation classics that should be remembered and experienced. The wonderfully written storyline and storytelling exceeded everyone’s expectations in the past. Even compared to today’s standards, The Jak & Daxter series still impresses with its platforming gameplay that can compete with many games from this current generation.
I can remember the outstanding improvements Jak & Daxter: The Precurser of Legacy had over the Crash series. With the Power of the Playstation 2, character models, environments, and all other aspects were improved greatly. Now that it’s in HD, it’s simply beautiful. I would go so far as to say that the Jak & Daxter HD collection looks as good as some graphic engines on the Playstation 3. Even comparing to other HD collection, this game stands out above the rest."

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Adolph Fitler2231d ago

I remember I loved the 1st game & how it stuck to it's platforming roots & was truly an outstanding game in general...but no.2 & thereafter were dissapointing, as ND seemed to be trying to compete with GTA & Ratchet....Now for me, Jak was never built to wield guns & such, & the camera & controls were not made for gunplay, so the series suffered for my part, I barely played part 2 as it was boring GTA wannabe material, with Ratchet envy. So Ratchet became my favourite platformer when ND moved away from what made J&D:TPL so unique, yet steeped with traditional platformer-ism (for want of a better word).

Ratchet was made for & around the weapons scenaria, & G.T.A, was also built for & around an open world enviroment, whereas Jak departure from it's own strong points, uniqueness & charm, meant that these other "stolen" ideas & elements felt very much tacked on & did not feel at one with the original Jak & Daxter premise. I really was dissapointed & I turned away from this series after ND's departure from uniqueness, to mainstream, pop. culture with there 180 degree spin from pt 1 to pt 2 & 3.

What the hell has happend to our beloved, timeless, ageless, platform genre..... Mario is polygonal proof that platformers still have a strong place in any respectful gamers collection, & yet needless COD wannabe's are everywhere sending studios belly up due to inability to compete with the big boys, so why the hell not try making an awesome, groundbreaking (or hell, even standard rip off of platformers past like Jak, Ratchet, Mario & such). Instead, all we have is Ratchet series (which is already screwed, thanks to Insomniac signing there own death warrant by going multiplat & already releasing the sub-par Ratchet, me-too, Co-op crap), now don't get me wrong as Ratchets TOD, ACIT, & the dl one that I recently finished buts name has slipped my mind, were all AAA+ games that got better with each iteration, but apart from those gems, & the awesome Alice:MR & the 2 PS2 HD remake collections in Jak & Sly, & the ageing, but still pretty, but sloppy playing Kameo is all that this gen has seen in platformers on the 2 only current gen machines available.

I truly hope the PS4 & 720 see's a massive revival of a genre that when done right, really has no equal for true gamer appeal...I mean, the GTA's & such are only played by many so as they can brag that they've played them....and in essence they are not really played for fun (especially for many in GTA4's case)....I'm pretty sure many gamers only finished, or got as far as they did in GTA4 for the trophies or satisfaction of finishing the game....And most were hanging for the damn thing to end...tbc

Adolph Fitler2231d ago

Well, a good platformer don't work like that....there is no fake ass "kool" appeal to these games.....they are shearly played for fun & total immersion....these games get you hooked & lost within there awesomely colorful worlds.....& when they end, you almost shed a tear in sadness that it has all ended so quickly, then you see see your hours played & 50+ hours comes up, & it's like holy f$#k, that went quick. Then your counting the days until the sequel hits.

I truly hope gaming gets back to that....& we eliminate this whole dickswinging trophy-whore concept that is giving developers free reign to be lazy, greedy & such by ripping us off for short, easy, trophy riddled I want my challenging, yet fair, type, FUN games back, that stick there fingers up at the trophy whores, GTA's, COD's & other mainstream crap.
Maybe I'm a dying breed, dinosaur gamer, but this is what I want godammit...
Oh, & Resident Evil to gain back it's Evil & give me slow shuffling, over saturated zombie filled world's reminiscent of RE2, & also Socom to return to it's former glory & give us a true Socom 2 worthy sequel.

Major_Nailson2227d ago

dude, who are you talking to?