Skylanders Giants Preview: BuzzFocus

Giant puzzles this will offer an additional layer of problem solving for children. Current toy owners will be able to play with all of their original Skylanders, which is great news for parents and children.

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tboyshinobi2326d ago

Can we get another Spyro game. Just Spyro, no toys necessary. That would make me happy.

cbclerk2326d ago

Maybe I'll rent this for my kid...

Bags_BuzzFocus2325d ago

if you do, you'll end up buying additional toys as well for your kid. they fly off the shelves at Toys R Us like hotcakes. reminds me of when YuGiOh booster packs used to come out

cbclerk2325d ago

Ahhh... YuGiOh. I always thought the toys that cross over and have a great TV show, and video game always make the big bank. Transformers, GI Joe, etc. made a killing off this formula, Perhaps Skylanders can get to that clip