MPU - Preview: Street Fighter x Tekken

Multiplayer United said: "That was more or less the face I made when I first heard Capcom and Namco were collaborating to each release their own Street Fighter x Tekken (SFxTK) game.

I had been swift to put my ‘whinging skeptic’ hat on to bemoan how Capcom and Namco had officially run out of ideas for the fighting games genre. I saw it as a gimmicky crossover, a quick money-making idea that would undoubtedly generate a lot of hype among Street Fighter and Tekken fans.

... Now that I have actually played SFxTK at the Ultimate Capcom Showcase, my prediction has come true. But now I’m left thinking, “what the heck was I so worried about in the first place?”"

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Tokyo_reject2231d ago

Who's the fighter at the very top??? and who/what are the gray icons????

spankipants2231d ago

The fighter at the top is Toro - Pretty sure it's a PS3 exclusive character. Not sure about the gray icons.