Review: The Darkness II []

Games Catalyst: "Most games tend to make things that go ‘bump’ in the night the target of their holier-than-thou heroic protagonists, not so The Darkness which instead casts you as that very same horror, lurking somewhere in the shadows."

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Pintheshadows2169d ago

Wow, what a terrible review. The controls are fantastic and aren't complicated at all and the reviewer complains about dying too much. I found The Darkness 2 to be quite easy on all but Don difficulty which i'm playing through now.

h311rais3r2169d ago

He sounds likes a typical help me through everything I need auto aim cod fan. I died a few times but not enough to be remotely frustrating. Sounds like he just ran into a room hoping he was invincible. Guess he didn't use car doors :/