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jspencep2176d ago

I feel pretty dumb now for having been excited for this game when it was announced...

GraveLord2176d ago

It's a Kinect game. What did you expect?

IM_KINECTED2176d ago

I'm looking forward to this game for the Dueling and Podracing game modes. I hear you can use items as a lightsaber and the game still tracks you.

I know it's not getting a ton of love here, but I'm kind of excited to play as a jedi...I guess my inner geek is showing.

Biggest2176d ago

GALACTIC DANCE OFF MODE!!!! How can anyone NOT be excited by this obviously hardcore Star Wars game? It won't be a collection of mini-games with Star Wars themed names! It is totally going to be a real game!

PetitPiPi2175d ago

My god dude. Really? Go play your PS3 you geek. lol!

StanSmith2176d ago


Sooo close MS! You were so close to tempting me to buy Kinect for my 360. Not now! This is just another POS Kinect game to add to the list.

I don't even know why i still own a 360. There's no exclusives worth keeping it for!

Tanir2175d ago

im in complete shock u even have a disagree, let alone 7. makes no sense.

people are such hard core MS fanboys they love even this garbage

IQUITN4G2176d ago

Really quite excited for this one. The pod racing has me sold though more than anything. This will sell very well of course

urwifeminder2176d ago

Pod racing will be sweet glad its finally got a release date looking forward to it.

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