New Alan Wake PC details, including launch information and PC enhancements

Remedy announced new details for Alan Wake on PC.


Note: New screenshots included as well.

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NYC_Gamer2300d ago

smart move by remedy selling the complete package for 30 bucks

JonahNL2300d ago

Only 30? o.0


Pikajew2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

What does LCE mean?

Says on Wikipedia its coming out on the 16th

LightofDarkness2300d ago

Limited Collectors Edition?

Rageanitus2300d ago

Ummm I would have thought this is xbox exclusive

Kran2300d ago

Where have you been all this time? Remedy revealed Alan Wake was coming to PC in December.

NYC_Gamer2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Remedy owns Alan Wake they just signed a deal with MS that blocks them from releasing it on another console.PC is not a console so MS couldn't step in the way of the decision.

DigitalRaptor2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Remedy, a press release that's aimed at alleviating PC gamers who are already disappointed enough that you changed the game and snatched away the anticipation... you go and mention this:

"Can’t get enough Alan Wake? Don’t forget that the standalone spin off adventure, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, is coming to Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade on February 22 for 1200 MS Points."

Why mention that in a PC press release unless it's also coming out on PC soon after? This company is nuts. I'm not paying more than £10 for Alan Wake on Steam.

Kran2300d ago

Wow. So you're having a go at remedy for trying to sell both Alan Wake PC to PC gamers and Alan Wake's American Nightmare to PC gamers and console gamers who might want to get both?


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