Bungie Will No Longer Handle Player Data For Halo Games

With Bungie's move to multiplatform releases and 343 Industries beginning to take the ropes for the Halo franchise with Halo 4, it was only a matter of time until began to focus on their upcoming games. In a move that many die hard fans will have a hard time swallowing, Bungie is officially handing over the reigns to the new Halo developer. On March 31, 2012 the studio will no longer handle updates on player profiles, and Bungie Pro services; something that will affect all games under that service.

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NightmareCV2390d ago

I'm going to miss Bungie Halo games. Hopefully 343 can keep the franchise going.

Hufandpuf2389d ago

343 has most of the founding Halo devs. they just don't have the financial backing from Bungie.

suicidalblues2389d ago

4. And 1 of them is a "founder". Certainly shy of the "most" you elude to.

Hufandpuf2389d ago

even so, these are some very experienced devs.

suicidalblues2389d ago

I'll give you the experienced comment. There's no doubt there and I can't understand the disagrees. They have 2 of the kz2 map makers, and many consider those maps to be among the best. Plus many folks from Pandemic.

002389d ago

better not mess this up.

m232389d ago

Judging from the recent books and universe expansion, as well as Halo: Anniversary, I have faith in 343.